Moog's Theremini Makes it Impossible to Play the Wrong Note

Bob Moog started selling theremins in the 1950s, and today, his company announced a new version, the Theremini, which uses pitch control to make it impossible to play a wrong note. Read More >>

The Tetris Theme Played in 100 Moog Patches Will Wreck Your Brain

It took me a second to wrap my brain around what exactly is going on here, but even if I didn't know, I could listen to these two Moog synthesizer modules play the Tetris theme over and over again forever. I think this music made my brain more smarter. Read More >>

ipad apps
Moog Just Made Its Gnarly iPad Synthesizer App Way Better

Released last year, Animoog was a triumph for Moog Music. The synthesizer app was a powerful digital tool built by legends of analog instrument design. Read More >>

Moog LEV-96: Forget Synths, Moog Is Making a Batshit Acoustic Guitar or Something

Moog just showed the world a prototype of a component that could be used to make the world's next wonder instrument. Here we see LEV-96 "sensoriactuator" concept installed on a acoustic guitar. Now what the hell does it sound like? Read More >>

This Incredible Analogue Synth Google Doodle Celebrates Pioneer Robert Moog

In case you haven't "turned on" Google's homepage, it's basically celebrating Robert Moog's birthday with a fully-functioning analogue synth attached to an old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape machine. OH MY GOD, this is incredible. There goes my day. Read More >>


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