Electric Lights are Too Expensive—Why Not Brighten the Moon?

Think of all the power it takes to light up empty car parks at night. Think of how annoying it can be when the sun goes down, yet you didn't finish all your work for the day. Think of how great it would be if we could just extend daytime, reduce the cost of lighting up all those empty streets and garages, and keep our cities as excessively illuminated as they already are today. We should just brighten the moon. Read More >>

Explore the Moon’s North Pole With This Gargantuan Photo Mosaic

Over the past four years the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) was busy collecting photographs… 10,581 to be exact. And it was all for you! So you could explore the moon at a dazzling resolution of two metres per pixel. Read More >>

Why the Same Side of the Moon Always Faces the Earth

One Moon "day" is approximately 29.5 Earth days. This rotation coincides with its orbit around the Earth so that we only see about 59 per cent of the surface of the Moon from Earth. When the Moon first formed, its rotational speed and orbit were very different than they are now. Over time, the Earth's gravitational field gradually slowed the Moon's rotation until the orbital period and the rotational speed stabilised, making one side of the Moon always face the Earth. Read More >>

An Extraordinary Video of Saturn Setting on the Moon

Colin Legg caught something amazing on camera just a few days ago. In the cobalt-coloured sky above Australia, this amateur astrophotographer managed to capture the exact moment that the moon passed in front of Saturn. Read More >>

The Moon Setting Behind Earth as a Storm of Light Roars in Australia

Koichi Wakata—a Japanese astronaut now on board the International Space Station—just shared this incredible photo of the "Moon setting on the blue Earth atmosphere". Read More >>

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This Stunning Picture of the Earth's Atmosphere is Better Than Sci-Fi

This image may look like the opening scene from a high-budget sci-fi film, but it is in fact a real photograph, snapped by astronaut Koichi Wakata from the International Space Station. Read More >>

China's Lunar Rover Only Lasted a Month

China's Yutu Lunar Rover landed on the moon just over a month ago, and promptly started sending back photos. Unfortunately, it looks like China's triumph could be short-lived; the Xinhua news agency reported that the rover stalled in its tracks while shutting down for the evening. Space is hard! Read More >>

17 Vintage NASA Photos of Exploration in the Space Age

Pictures of space are thrilling. Period. For All Mankind is a new exhibition at London's Breese Little Gallery, highlighting a treasure trove of vintage NASA photos taken from 1964 to 1983. Read More >>

The Story Behind the Only Sculpture on the Moon is a Doozy

In 1971, an astronaut placed a 3 1/2-inch aluminum sculpture on the moon, igniting an art world scandal transcending our earthly bearings. The long, bizarre tale of "one of the smallest yet most extraordinary achievements of the Space Age" is recounted by Corey Powell and Laurie Gwen Shapiro over at Slate. If there's anything to be learned, it's that egos inflate in space. Read More >>

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Just Look at What Saturn's Moons do to its Rings

Saturn's moons do more than just orbit the planet: they interact with its rings, too. In this image, you can see the moon Prometheus' gravitational field gently sculpting the planet's F ring. Read More >>

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Here is the Video of China's Jade Rabbit Rover Rolling Onto the Moon's Surface

One small rollout for a rover, one giant leap for China's National Space Administration. Read More >>

Moon Lander Launch Plans From a Private Company

Recent mover and shaker Moon Express wants to send a robotic spacecraft to the moon in 2015. CEO Bob Richards says that the MX-1 will use scientific instruments and sensors to study resources that are limited on Earth but "available in infinite quantities in space."
NPR reports that the coffee table-sized spacecraft, which was announced on Thursday at Autodesk University in Las Vegas, will use solar-power and hydrogen peroxide-based fuel to lower costs. Moon Express is currently trying for a £22 million Lunar X Prize from Google. The company has shown its interest in resources and mining before in its first partnership to build a telescope with the International Lunar Observatory Association to launch the ILO-X telescope to explore the Moon's south pole by 2015. [NPR via The Verge] Read More >>

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Japan Wants to Ring the Moon With Solar Panels to Power the Earth

The Shimizu Corporation wants to, essentially, build a ring of solar panels around the moon's equator and transmitted back to the Earth via microwave. They want to get the project, dubbed LUNA RING (yes, all caps), started by 2035. Read More >>

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Bang, Zoom, Straight to the Moon: China Launches Its First Lunar Rover

Just a decade after entering the space race, China is headed to the moon. With the successful launch of a Long March rocket carrying the Chang'e 3 lunar lander earlier this morning, China is attempting to become the third nation in history to land (rather than crash) a spacecraft on the lunar surface. Read More >>

Scratch Your Own Drawing Into This Giant Virtual Moon

Only 12 people have ever made a mark on the surface of the Moon, but a new project by Olafur Eliasson and Ai Weiwei is inviting everyone on the internet to make a mark on the big wheel of cheese—or its digital equivalent, at least. Read More >>

Ooh, Heaven is a Place on Earth

If you've ever wanted to visit the extreme environments used as offworld training landscapes for future astronauts—where bleak, windswept, and often highly remote locations act as surrogates for the surfaces of other planets—a new guidebook will help you find them. Assembled for the European Space Agency by scientists at the Open University, The Catalogue of Planetary Analogues (PDF) is now available for download. Read More >>


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