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How Life Would Look If the Moon Was as Close to Earth as the ISS

Even though it might not look like much when it's so far away, the Moon is pretty huge. In fact, if it was a little closer, as close as the ISS for example, it would monopolise the entire sky. Read More >>

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This Is How NASA Made Composite Images Before Photoshop Existed

You might think that this image looks a little bodged together, and you'd be right. After all, it's literally a collage of photographs obtained by Voyager I — all the way back in 1979. Read More >>

Who Owns The Moon?

The moon is not as far away as some things, but it's definitely farther away than your nearest McDonalds or the bottom of the ocean or, you know, anything on Earth at all. Basically it's not easily accessible. So it would be pretty presumptuous for a person or group to say that they owned a certain part of it. Or all of it. But it's kind of complicated to figure out what would happen if anyone tried. Read More >>

What We Used to Think the Earth Looked Like From Space

It's nearly impossible for us to imagine how the Earth might look to someone who's only ever seen it from a local's vantage point. But thanks to the Library of Congress, we don't have to imagine, newly posted images of 19th century drawings show us exactly what humans thought the Earth looked like far before we could ever have known for sure. The Smithsonian compiled a few of them, and some of our favorites lie below. You can see the rest over at The Library of Congress here. [Library of Congress via The Smithsonian] Read More >>

Genius Photographer Recreates Iconic E.T. Movie Poster in Real Life

Anyone who was a child once upon a time has probably dreamed about making their bicycles fly across the full moon like in E.T. Awesome photographer Philipp Schmidli actually did that. He recreated the iconic E.T. movie poster by snapping an awesome picture of a biker riding off a ramp against the backdrop of a giant moon. Read More >>

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Two Moons That Pass in the Night

This image shows the rare sight of Saturn's moons Mimas and Pandora aligning in the night sky — and they couldn't look more different. Read More >>

A Private Venture Wants to Build a Telescope on the Moon

A partnership between Moon Express, Inc. and the International Lunar Observatory Association is all set to install the telescope on the humble lump of rock. The plan is to position the 2-metre dish antenna, known as the International Lunar Observatory, on the rim of a crater near the moon’s South pole. Read More >>

Astronomers Just Found a New Moon Orbiting Neptune

Astronomers have spotted a new moon orbiting Neptune. The first to be discovered in over a decade, its tiny size has scientists scratching their heads about how its survived until now. Read More >>

Apparently No One Noticed This Humongous Explosion on the Moon

A massive explosion, equivalent to five tonnes of TNT annihilating our satellite's surface, hit the poor Moon back in March. It created a bright flash that glowed like a 4th magnitude star, and could be seen by the naked eye, but apparently no one spotted it, until now. Read More >>

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The Moon Looks Like a Distant Alien World From Up There

That's no moon... No, wait, that is the Moon, ushering in the dawn as the ISS flies over. Being an astronaut must be so damn cool when you get to see this kind of thing every day. Maybe Virgin Galactic will be able to give us a shot at witnessing that kind of thing for ourselves soon. You only need £130,000 a seat. [Chris Hadfield] Read More >>

This Watch Accurately Tracks Moon Phases For 122 Years

Everyone wants to be the centre of the universe, but solipsism doesn't always mesh well with that whole socialising/respecting other people thing. So keep the truth to yourself and just look at your Arnold & Son's watch whenever you want to commune with the sky above. Read More >>

What People in 1836 Thought the Moon Was Like

I wish I could live during a time when we believed creatures and aliens and things lived on the Moon. My imagination would have had so much fun! But alas, real life is too boring for that kind of fun. Still, in 1836, people believed that astronomers had found life on the moon. They imagined a world of hairy men with wings, unicorns and naked insect ladies. Read More >>

This Fantastic Website Shows How Far Mars Really Is from Earth (Spoiler: It's Faaaaar)

This ingenious website made by David Paliwoda shows how far Mars is from Earth in a metric all us Internet lovers understand: pixels. If Earth was a 100 pixels wide, how far would Mars be? To start off, the moon would be 3000 pixels away (and 27 pixels wide). Mars? Read More >>

Buy a Plot of the Moon From the Man Who Decided to Be Its Landlord

Meet Dennis M. Hope, 65, of Gardnerville, Nevada. Dennis owns the Moon. Read More >>

Of Course the Internet Names Pluto's New Moon Vulcan

If you leave votes for things up to the internet, there are normally only two outcomes. Either you end up with a cat, or something from Star Wars or Star Trek. The later is true when it comes to space. Yes, the internet has decreed that Pluto's new moon be called "Vulcan". Read More >>

This Is What the First Lunar Base Could Really Look Like

We have seen many concepts, but this is the most realistic plan yet for humanity's first Moon Base. It will be more efficient and cheaper to build than any other alternative, as it uses 3D printing to quickly transform raw lunar soil into habitable domes. Read More >>


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