Mophie Space Pack Review: The Final Frontier for iPhone Cases

Mophie answered the battery-blighted cries of iPhone owners with its Juice Pack case range, and now it's sorting out another potential gripe with its new Space Pack case. Not only will it recharge your Apple phone on the go, but it brings removable storage (of a sort) to the iPhone too. Read More >>

Finally, an iPhone Case That Provides Extra Storage Space

Many of us have been there. You want to take a beautiful picture of a beautiful thing with your iPhone and up pops a very ugly alert: "Cannot Take Photo." Storage full. And without a memory card slot, you can't exactly add more. Until now. Read More >>

Obesity Crisis Hits HTC One, But Doubles its Battery Life

That vaguely familiar chap up there is the HTC One carrying an extra three or four stone in additional flab, thanks to the Mophie Juice Pack. In return for fattening up your phone you get nearly double the battery life, which is a trade off we suspect many will take. Read More >>

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Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 Review: Wherein Juicing Is A Good Thing

There's no getting around the iPhone 5's abysmal battery life. It's by far the least desirable feature. Mophie hopes to change all that later this month when it starts shipping the Helium juice pack, the first "Certified Battery Case Solution" for the iPhone 5. Awesome, right? Read More >>

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Mophie's iPhone 5 Juice Pack Helium: Double Battery Life for Not Much More Heft

It may pain you to add girth to the iPhone 5's slender frame, but when a little more junk in your iPhone's trunk means double the battery life, it's hard to say no. The new Mophie Juice Pack Helium case promises to do just that and be about 13% lighter than the iPhone 4's Air version. Read More >>


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