How the Morning After Pill Works

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you had a little too much fun last night and teetered into the irresponsible zone of condom-less sex and uncontrollable self-control, the morning after pill often comes to the rescue. It's probably a good idea to know how it works and what it does to your body. Easy to understand science is the best kind of science. [Asap Science via Geekosystem</>] Read More >>

Less Than Safe Last Night? Don't Worry, Emergency Contraception Can Now Be Delivered Straight to Your Desk

There’s not much worse than the sinking feeling the morning after you’ve done the dirty and realised that you weren’t quite as safe as you should have been. That’s were most turn to the morning-after pill, but how do you get it when you’re stuck in work all day? Never fear, DrEd’s new "pill-by-bike" service will deliver right to your desk. Read More >>


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