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How Fast are You Moving Right this Second?

Compared to your sofa, you're sat very firmly still, but remember that the Earth is moving around the Sun which is moving relative to the Milky Way which is... well I could go on, but this TEDed video does a great job of explaining it. [YouTube] Read More >>

Report: Spotify Wants to Tailor Playlists By Heart Rate and Movement

If your workouts never quite gel with your soundtrack, help may soon be at hand. The Guardian is reporting that Spotify has plans to measure heart rate and motion to help choose you the perfect playlist for any situation. Read More >>

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Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough: The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before

The new Kinect is kind of awesome. Just by the numbers, it's a huge upgrade. You can see (most of) the full walkthrough we saw just a bit ago here at Microsoft's Redmond campus in the video above. Parts are jaw-dropping. Read More >>

Invisible Motion Captured in Video by Scientists

When you see people or things, there's literally always more than meets the eye — a person's heart rate and blood flow or slight movements in an object, for example. But most of that is invisible to us! Maybe not for long. A team of MIT scientists have managed to reveal those invisible motions in video. It's fascinating. Read More >>

Awful Kinect-Powered "NUAds" Coming to Xbox 360 Before the Summer

Microsoft is set to launch its NUads system in the next few months, which offer a way to interact with and share TV adverts. Despite the fact that literally no one has ever wanted to do that. Read More >>


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