This Unbelievably-Ripped 70-Year-Old Man is Not a Cyborg

Now this is how you take care of your body. Meet Sam 'Sonny' Bryant Jr. He's a 70-year-old bodybuilder who doesn't look a day over 40 and is so ripped that he puts those much younger than him to shame. His muscles look so good they could be CGI. That, or Sonny is actually a cyborg. Or a time traveller. Read More >>

5 Tricks for Sticking to Your New Year's Exercise Resolutions

Raise your hand if you kept all of your New Year's resolutions in 2013. Good, okay, now only raise your hand if you weren't lying just now. Ahh, nice to see both of you. We always start the new year with the best intentions but, man, old habits die hard. Let's see if we can do better this year. Here are five tips that might just help. Read More >>

Your Workout Motivation Could Soon Come in Pill Form

Running, swimming, cycling: ugh, they're all so much effort. Wouldn't it be just great if you could magically boost your motivation to exercise? Well, soon you might be able to, because scientists have discovered a compound that could do just that. Read More >>

Earn Smug London Eco Points by Walking Somewhere for Once

New mobile app re:route is doing its bit for the capital's health, issuing reward points to those who bravely walk and cycle about the place instead of using cars or public transport. Read More >>

Your Work Ethic Depends on Dopamine Levels Across the Brain

Some of us work hard, others are slackers—and for a long time the reason behind radically different work ethics has been a mystery. But new research reveals that dopamine levels in three different areas of the brain influence our willingness to work. Read More >>


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