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In The Future We'll All Have Phone Mics Tattooed to Our Necks, According to Motorola Patent

Well, you can't knock 'em for thinking out of the box at least! A new Motorola patent suggests the Google-owned company are looking to take wearable tech in a whole new direction, branding your skin with the very circuitry needed to make phone calls. Read More >>

Motorola Wants to Make Your Phone Modular

Motorola has announced that its new research and development team, called Project Ara, is developing an "open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones". In other words, it wants your phone to come in bits. Read More >>

"Moto G" -- Could This Be the Name for the Google Smartwatch?

The Google smartwatch -- awaited with almost as much breath-baiting as the rumoured iWatch -- might've just got a name, thanks to Motorola, Google's hardware division, registering the trademark "Moto G". Read More >>

Apple Wins Patent Battle Over 20 Critical "Steve Jobs" Smartphone Concepts

Generals observing the patent war believe Apple has just won a crucial battle, thanks to the US patent office confirming the strength of 20 patents registered by Apple. Including the "Steve Jobs Patent" that set the blueprint for touch interfaces, this 20 are seen as key to winning the smartphone war. Read More >>

Motorola Betting Big on Giant Note-Rivalling Xplay Phablet

You can hardly call yourself a mobile phone manufacturer these days if you don't have at least one hilariously sized handset in your arsenal, and in the phablet stakes Motorola is definitely playing catch up. Keeping up with the Joneses, Moto is now said to have a giant 6.3-inch Xplay handset in the works. Read More >>

Motorola Designing New Android Tablet to Erase Hideous Memories of Xoom

Google's Motorola hardware team is preparing a new Android tablet, and it might end up looking like the popular, customisable, US-only Moto X. The names Moto XL (phablet) and Moto XXL (tablet) spring to mind. Read More >>

Sol Republic's New Bluetooth Speaker Is a Portable Party Machine

Motorola is teaming up with fashion forward headphone purveyor Sol Republic on a co-branded Bluetooth speaker. The Deck is weird looking little thing, but it's got a few features that make it stand out from the otherwise saturated cheap wireless speaker market.
Unlike most £170 Bluetooth speakers, this isn't a little box with front facing drivers. Instead the drivers point up,  meaning you can circulate around the Deck and hear the music the same everywhere. Smart if more than one person is going to listen to it, which is likely should you decided to haul it it to the park with you (It is summer after all!). The speakers also have a nifty little trick in that they also lie flat so you can stick it in your back pocket. Read More >>

The Motorola Moto X Looks Fantastic, But It's Not Coming to the UK

I feel like we've been cheated out of something really great here (as our US cousins can attest). It seems, for some strange reason, Motorola's decided to keep the gorgeous, innovative new Moto X confined to the US. That means the UK, Europe and everywhere else misses out on the first truly-great Google-Motorola innovation, and that just plain sucks. Read More >>

Here Are the Clearest Shots Yet of the Moto X

Motorola doesn't officially announce the X until this Thursday, but let's be honest, this has quickly become one of the worst kept secrets in tech. Here we have the clearest shots yet of Motorola and Google's long-awaited collaborative effort. Read More >>

Would You Buy a Phone With a 48-Hour Battery Life?

Of course you would, because these days battery life is the only spec that actually matters, but would you suffer marginally more chub to grab a beastly battery? Read More >>

Motorola X Rumoured Specs: Not the Droid You're Looking For

Android Police has gotten ahold of the alleged specs of Motorola's upcoming Moto X smartphone, and they're not very impressive. But at least that means you can afford it. Maybe it'll be Nexus 4-money. Read More >>

These Leaked Moto X Press Images Sure Look Familiar

Between leaked promo videos and Eric Schmidt's flaunting, we already know a fair bit about Motorola's upcoming Moto X. Now a couple of press images have leaked out, and they seem to confirm that familiar, unannounced design. Read More >>

The Moto X Might Have a 4.5-Inch Screen and a Back Made from Kevlar

Motorola and Google both don't even care about keeping the Moto X a secret, plastering it on its August 1st announcement invitation and letting Eric Schmidt bandy around with the thing, so hey, don't be surprised if a few details of the phone leaks. The Verge and @evleaks are reporting that the Moto X will have a 4.5-inch display, dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a 10-megapixel camera. Oh, and a back shell made from Kevlar. Read More >>

The Moto X Will Always Have Its Ears Peeled According To A Leaked Video

The Moto X, Google and Motorola's heavily advertised yet mysterious love child, has been out and about lately. And now a video from Rogers, a Canadian wireless provider, shows the Android phone's ambient listening feature, potentially called "Open Mic," which will allow users to give the phone voice commands without activating the screen. Read More >>

Here's Eric Schmidt Using the Moto X Smartphone In the Wild

Information about Motorola's forthcoming "Moto X" smartphone has been slowly trickling out over the last few months. Here's our first look at the new Motorola phone, courtesy of Mr. Eric Schmidt. Read More >>


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