Is a 24-Hour Pub on a Motorway a Brilliant or Utterly Terrible Idea?

It seems the government has given the go-ahead for a motorway-services pub, issuing a license to serve alcohol from 8am till 1am on the M40 at junction two. Genius or an absolute disaster waiting to happen? Read More >>

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Watch China's Longest-Ever Raised Motorway Demolition Fall Like Dominoes

Given the fevered pace of China's infrastructure development, 16 years is ancient. That's why the two-lane concrete Zhuan-yang viaduct running through the town of Wuhan, Hubei in central China had to go — a bigger and better six-lane freeway was in the works. But to demolish the original roadway without harming the surrounding homes, engineers smothered the blast under a blanket. Read More >>

New M25 Speeding Cameras Haven't Issued a Single Ticket Since 2009

A supposedly cutting-edge new network of overhead speed cameras installed around the M2 has failed to issue any tickets to drivers on our busiest stretches of road. Literally not even one in the last three years. Read More >>


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