Man Plunges From 800ft Cliff and Lives to Tell the Tale

As any fan of the Claims Direct adverts will know, even slipping off of a ladder can be life-threatening. To somehow be able to come away from a fall from an 800ft cliff face and manage to survive with only relatively minor injuries is nothing short of a miracle. Read More >>

This Glass Room Lets You Float Over of One of the Alps' Highest Peaks

The Aiguille du Midi, or Needle of the South, has been home to the terrifying highest vertical ascent cable car in the world for three decades. But this month, it's stepping up its scaring-the-wits-out-of-tourists game—with a glass box that hangs over the yawning void next to the peak. Read More >>

Scientists Found the World's Largest Volcano on Ocean Floor Near Japan

The biggest volcano ever found on Earth—one of the biggest we know of in the solar system—has been hidden for ages. But now scientists have found it, just chillin' beneath the sea. It's a monster. Read More >>

How Big Is the Tallest Mountain That Could Ever Exist on Earth?

We've got some pretty tall mountains here on Earth. Granted, even the best of 'em don't hold a candle to what's waiting on Mars, but they're still impressive. Just look at the views Google got with its Street Mountain View shots. Read More >>

google maps
Google Maps' New Mountain Summit Street View Lets You Peek Off the Peaks You'll Never Climb

Face it, you're no mountaineer. Unless you are, in which case congrats. But for the rest of us, there'll be no mountain-top revelations to make our souls take flight. Not in real life anyway. But Google Map's new summit shots are the next best thing. Read More >>

3d printing
Now You Can Get Your Favourite Mountain 3D Printed

If you want a permanent reminder of an amazing hike, ski trip, or whatever else, here's a good idea: a new website called The Terrainator lets you select your favourite geographical features and get 'em 3D printed. Read More >>

Photographing Mountain Climbers Takes Balls—And Ladders—Of Steel

If you're a photographer who covers extreme athletes like mountain climbers and wants to capture a moment from a unique angle, you're probably willing to take some risks yourself. Like Corey Rich's use of an incredibly precarious folding ladder tethered to the near vertical side of a mountain. Here's to hoping he wasn't working for free for the experience. Read More >>

watch this
Watch This Snowboarder Survive an Avalanche By Floating On an Airbag

Meesh Hytner was doing typical pro-snowboarder things, participating in an informal backcountry competition in Colorado, when suddenly she found herself in a class-3 avalanche. Lucky for her, she was wearing an emergency airbag system, and lucky for you, there's video. Read More >>


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