Why Your Mouse Cursor is Slanted Instead of Straight

Have you ever wondered why your mouse cursor rests ever so slightly to the left? Chances are, that little arrow on an incline is so ubiquitous that you've never even thought twice about its 45 degree lean. As it turns out, there's a very good reason for it. Or was, anyway, back in a more pixelated age. Read More >>

Resurrect Your Wireless Mouse as a DIY Powerglove

Touchpads? Meh. Touchscreens? Bleh. Powergloves? Oh hell yes. Unfortunately / Obviously no one is in the business of making powerglove pointer devices for your computer right now, but don't let that stop you from hacking together your own, you wonderful psycho. Read More >>

Does Anyone Else Still Use a Mouse?

With tablets and trackpad based laptops slowly taking over the world, using an actually old-fashioned mouse seems to be becoming a niche passion for an increasingly small but devoted few. Maybe the mouse should just die already, but I can't be only one who just can't give it up. Read More >>

Need an Expensive Poser Mouse to go With Your Expensive Poser Computer?

Then you might want the Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630, a wireless mouse designed to look as posh and flashy as your posh, flashy ultrabook or MacBook. It's even made out of brushed metal to set you aside from the Dell-using massive. Read More >>

Gigabyte's Aivia Uranium Gaming Mouse Comes With Its Own Tiny Monitor

A beefed up computer ensures you can actually play the latest and greatest PC gaming titles, but if you want to compete online with even a marginal level of success, you're going to need to get yourself a kick-arse mouse as well. Gigabyte's new Aivia Uranium seems to fit the bill, particularly if you want to go wireless without having to swap batteries every few days. Read More >>

Scientists Can Make Brains Turn Transparent

Stanford scientists have developed a technique which lets them turn a brain completely transparent — without causing any damage at all to its structure. Read More >>

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The Slow Death of the Three-Button Mouse

Before the days of sleek surfaces and brushed aluminium, my mouse had three buttons. But that central selector has shrivelled into a runty little scroll wheel; the third nipple of the computing world. Where did it all go wrong? Read More >>

Ads in Internet Explorer Could Be Tracking Your Mouse

If you still use Internet Explorer, there's more to worry about than a crappy browsing experience. Microsoft has confirmed that it's looking in to a "mouse tracking" flaw, which affects IE 6 through 10. Read More >>

Razer's New Gaming Mouse Has the World's Most Precise Optical Sensor

When you're on the hunt in a first-person shooter, the very tiniest fraction of a movement can mean the difference between nailing a shazam headshot and dying. That's why the new 2013 version of the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse has a 6400 dpi optical sensor, compared to the 3500 dpi infrared sensor on its predecessor. That's, like, almost two-times better, right? Read More >>

Scientists Create Healthy Mice Using Eggs Made From Stem Cells

A team of Japanese scientists has managed to turn mouse stem cells into viable eggs—that can be inseminated and go on to produce normal, healthy mouse pups. The finding has massive implications for the development of infertility treatments in the future. Read More >>

This Trackpad and Mouse Combo in One Is Either Twice As Awful or Half As Good As a Regular Mouse

There's no way Gigabyte's Xenon Dual Mode Touchpad Mouse, that is a trackpad and mouse in one combination, can be any good, right? The mouse looks like a complete horror show, like using an angular Magic Mouse, and the trackpad looks neutered and drooping. I don't believe. Read More >>

A Fan Mouse, for the World's Sweatiest PC Gamers

Thermaltake's new Black Element Cyclone Gaming Mouse isn't the first PC gaming accessory to cool a player's hand during intense FPS battles. But it certainly boasts the laziest fan design. Read More >>

It Takes the Entire Internet to Map a Mouse's Brain

Creating a wiring diagram of the human brain's neurons is an oft-discussed idea that remains in the realms of science fiction. Scale that problem down to tackling a mouse brain, however, and you're in the realms of what science can just about manage — with your help. Read More >>

This 20-Button Mouse Puts Your Everything to Shame

Some might think that Logitech has gone off the UI deep-end with its latest gaming mouse. It tops the company's previous efforts, and those of its competitors, with a total of twenty—count 'em twenty—programmable buttons. Read More >>


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