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Take a Fascinating Tour Behind the Scenes of The Shining

What was it like working on the set of legendary film director Stanley Kubrick as he adapted The Shining, Stephen King's bestselling horror story, to the silver screen? If these cast and crew interviews from the new documentary Staircases to Nowhere, are any indication, the answer is: pretty dang awesome. Read More >>

Punch-Drunk Love: Where Philip Seymour Hoffman Steals Every Scene

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment yesterday in New York City, a 46-year-old actor with a staggering range who could slip nearly undetected into the most difficult of roles. Read More >>

The Moon, Lasers, and the Ultimate James Bond Torture Device

This week, we learned that NASA can beam data to the moon — at a frankly astounding 622Mbps — using a high powered laser. Sounds like cutting edge modern tech? Perhaps. But it also sounds like the best weapon from the best scene of the best James Bond movie ever made: Goldfinger. Read More >>

The New Battlestar Galactica Series Looks Awesome

There's a new Battlestar Galactica series starting today, over in the US. Called Blood & Chrome, it's the first part of SyFy movie that will premiere in 2013, and be out on Blu-ray etc February 19th. Looking like an action-packed war and adventures movie, it's aesthetically spectacular. Take a look at the trailers, down below. Read More >>

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Streaming Movie of the Night: Star Wars Uncut

It was over a year ago when we first heard about Star Wars Uncut, the 15-second-at-a-time, crowdsourced remake of Star Wars: A New Hope. And it's now finally available in its entirety for your streaming pleasure. Read More >>


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