Wave Goodbye to 99p Downloads as UK Digital Sales Tax Loophole is Closed

Picking up a new eBook or MP3 may be about to get a fair whack more expensive, as Chancellor George Osbourne has moved in his latest budget to close a tax loophole that was allowing digital retailers to pay low foreign VAT rates on eBook, MP3 and app sales. Read More >>

23 Per Cent of Americans Think MP3 is a Robot From Star Wars

A survey of some non-nerdy Americans threw up some baffling holes in the knowledge of the nation, with 11 per cent of people asked thinking "HTML" is a form of sexually-transmitted disease and 12 per cent thinking "USB" is the acronym of a European country. You'd never get answers that stupid in the United States of Britain. Read More >>

Gamers Create Storm Over PS4's Lack of MP3 Streaming Abilities

Sony published a comprehensive FAQ regarding the PlayStation 4's features yesterday, filling in a few gaps in our knowledge about what the forthcoming console can and can't do. Obviously, the internet being the internet, everyone focused on one small thing and blew it out of all proportion -- PS4 can't play MP3s over your home network. Read More >>

Listen To Music Through Your Cheekbones While You Swim Lengths

The Neptune speakers rest on your cheek and make the bone vibrate so that the vibrations can be relayed to your cochlea, allowing you to hear music. The process is called bone conduction, and is also used by some marine mammals. Since the music is going straight into your head, you don't have to deal with anything in your ears while you're trying to swim. Read More >>

Sony MDR-XB910 Headphones Target "Extreme Sub-Bass" Demographic

Sony's targeting the WUB-WUB youth with its latest set of headphones, which offer bass-heavy sound coupled and a premium, aluminium design. And a flat cable to make the depressing chore of untangling a thing of the past. Read More >>

Amazon to Provide CD Buyers With Cloud-Based MP3s For Free (Confirmed)

CNET is reporting that Amazon is planning to launch a reward scheme for CD buyers. When they purchase music in its physical form, they'll also receive a digital copy, which they'll be able to listen to via Amazon's cloud music service. Read More >>

Sony's One-Piece Waterproof Walkman: 1 Hour's Playback From 3 Minutes Charging

If workouts take you from pounding the pavement to plunging into the pool with little time to spare between, Sony's new one-piece Walkman might be of some interest to you. Read More >>

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Scare Trick-or-Treaters Senseless With a Shrieking MP3 Doorbell

Your front lawn is full of gravestones, skeletons hang from the trees, and a haze of cobwebs coats your porch. Yup, you've gone all out this Halloween to make your house the spookiest on the block. Read More >>

A Load of Great Albums For Just 99p a Download Is Your Instant-Music-Library-Refresh Deal of the Day

Okay, so Amazon have launched a new thing and they're calling it Cloud Player. It sucks your music from your hard drive and hurls it up into a cloud so that you can have it rain on you wherever you are. Or something like that. Read More >>

Bruce Willis Isn't Suing Apple, Although He May Still Be Slightly Annoyed

Yesterday's bizarre news about Bruce Willis suing Apple over the right to pass on his iTunes music collection legacy was indeed too good/silly to be true, with sources denying claims the bald hunk is considering legal action over his tune rights. Read More >>

Bruce Willis Battling Apple Over iTunes Ownership Small Print

Bruce Willis obviously thinks pretty highly of his music collection, as he's said to be considering legal action against Apple to allow him proper ownership of his music -- so he can leave it to his children when he dies. Read More >>

The Gadgets that Got Us Going, Back in 2002

Gizmodo is officially 10 years old! And, while we've been celebrating this all week, I thought it would be fun (and/or funny) to take a look back at the ancestor gadgets we would all be using if someone were to turn the dial back, way back, all the way back to 2002. Read More >>

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How to Digitise Your Vinyl Collection

Your LP collection may be the coelacanth of storage mediums, but it is often a repository of tracks and titles that you simply can't get anywhere else. Here's how to digitise your wax-platter music, and finally drag the last remnants of your analog life into the 21st Century. Read More >>

How Winamp Disappeared Into Obscurity

This year marks the 15th birthday of Winamp. During that time it went from being a must-have piece of software to languishing in complete obscurity. But where did it all go wrong? Read More >>

MP3-Playing Mouth Gear Makes Headphones Obsolete

Remember when your orthodontist said you could get a flavoured retainer and you were all Glitter? Pshh. I want my mouth gear watermelon-flavoured or not at all! Well, prepare to feel like a dated, oldtimey loser: Aisen Chacin, a Design and Technology student at Parsons the New School for Design, has created a music-playing mouth piece that uses bone conduction to transmit sounds waves — painlessly — via vibration through your teeth! Read More >>

Grab a Free Track From Sainsbury's New MP3 Store

Sainsbury's has just launched its own MP3 download store taking the fight to the likes of Amazon, iTunes and even Tesco. Apparently it wants you to add a couple of tracks into your food basket as you do your groceries, and is even offering 'deal of the week' albums for a fiver -- maybe you should make music one of your five a day? Read More >>


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