Big Media Wins: Newzbin2 Finally Calls It Quits

The Newzbin saga has been raging for over a year now, with big media first managing to sue the original Newzbin out of existence, and then winning a court order to block the revived Newzbin2 off the face of the planet. But now the hackers behind Newzbin2 have thrown in the towel. The original Usenet indexer that brought binaries into the mainstream, is no more. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom: US Vice President Ordered the Megaupload Shutdown

Kim Dotcom has come out explaining that he knows who was behind the shutdown of his company and related sites. Speaking to TorrentFreak, Dotcom has explained that he believes the US Vice President Joe Biden directed attorney Neil MacBride to target the site. Read More >>

Even After Shutting Down, LimeWire Can't Catch a Break

LimeWire has been kaput as a file-sharing service since October but that hasn't stopped its legal woes. Now, after settling with the RIAA to the tune of £66 million, the MPAA and a host of indie music labels have filed lawsuits against the company as well. Talk about beating a dead horse. Read More >>

These Hollywood Stars See Nothing Wrong With MegaUpload

In the largest outpouring of celebrity magnanimity since Live AID, a bevy of A-Listers have come out in support of MegaUpload. Huh, apparently the file-sharing service is used for something other than providing me easy access to anime and porn. Read More >>


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