This Personalised Photo Mug is Your "Only Pay For Delivery" Deal of the Day

Getting personalised things is great isn't it? You can have hats printed that say "World's Most Negligent Dad" or a t-shirt printed with "I'm With Stupid" with an arrow pointing to yourself. You could even have a nice messaged printed. Whatever floats your boat. Read More >>

This Mug Lets You Harness a Hot Drink to Warm Your Hands

When you're running a large corporation and trying to keep frivolous costs under control, it makes sense to keep the heating as minimal as possible during the cold winter months. And if you happen to find yourself working for such an employer, this mug will help your hands from freezing. Read More >>

Why Haven't Mugs Told Us the Coffee's Temperature Until Now?

If you've got £25 to spare and a few weeks to wait for delivery, Brando's got a new temperature sensing travel mug that guarantees you'll never again burn your mouth on scalding hot coffee—or accidentally sip a stale brew that's gone cold. Read More >>

Mugtails Are an Adorably Anthropomorphic Way To Enjoy Your Coffee

Awww, now isn't this precious? You can throw out all those mugs your kids had made with their pictures on the side because these Mugtails take adorable to a whole new level. Available with a variety of different animals on the side with their tales forming the handle, these mugs are so sweet you'll never need sugar in your coffee again. Read More >>

A Few Lego Pieces Transform This Studded Mug Into Whatever You Can Imagine

Thanks to the geniuses at ThinkGeek your coffee isn't the only thing you can completely fix to your liking in the morning. The store's new 12-ounce Build-On Brick mug is covered in studs and detents so you can accessorize and customize it with your favorite building toy—which of course always means Lego. Read More >>

Everyone Will Love This Foam-Generating Beer Mug

Why should your foam intake be limited to only the first few sips? It shouldn't. Not any more. Jokki Hour is the "sparkling beer mug" that uses a simple button-activated lever to tap the bottom of your mug, thus sending a rush of foamy bubbles soaring to the surface. Read More >>

Sinking Mugs Are a Functional April Fool's Day Prank

You're probably not going to fool most adults into thinking these ceramic coffee mugs have actually sunk into a table. But kids are easy targets, and this sight gag is sure to blow their minds. Read More >>

Stackable Pint Glasses Will Make You an Oktoberfest Superhero

The amount of friends you can make at an Oktoberfest celebration is directly proportionate to the number of pint glasses you can carry from the bar to your table. And with these clever stackable pint glasses, it's a lot. Read More >>

Incredibly Badass Tactical Mug Lets You Strap on Spec Ops Gun Attachments While You Drink

Something it's nice to jazz up your morning cup of coffee or tea with, say, a stronger brew. Or maybe a little whiskey, hey-oh! But what about night vision scopes, laser targeting, and a tripod mount? Read More >>


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