Xbox One March System Update to Focus on Multiplayer

On top of this week's first major Xbox One update (which finally adds a controller battery indicator), Microsoft is now ready to share specifics on what will land in March's update to the next-gen console. Read More >>

Odeon Cinema Chain Wants Multiplayer-Friendly Game Ideas for the Big Screen

Odeon's thinking very hard about ways it can keep customer numbers up now the latest attempt at reviving 3D has fizzled out, and is suggesting that some sort of mass, multiplayer mobile app or game that can be played on cinema screens might be the way forward. Read More >>

Google's Android Xbox Live-Style Multiplayer Gaming Service Hacked Out of Google Glass

Clever types analysing the Android code that ships within the company's Google Glass hardware have discovered code for a multiplayer gaming service, which appears to show that Google will soon offer built-in online gaming support to players and developers. Read More >>

Massively Multiplayer Bomberman is How to Spend Your Afternoon/Evening/Life

Bombermine is an unofficial, online Bomberman clone, allowing up to 1,000 people to walk around in squares, lay bomb-shaped eggs and run away to hide from the blast. Which was, and still is, one of the all time classic multiplayer experiences. Read More >>


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