Pensioner's WWII Shell Causes Museum Bomb Scare

A pensioner's well-intentioned donation of an unexploded World War II shell to a local museum resulted in an army call out last weekend, over fears the device may still have been live. Read More >>

Rare Photos of NYC's Museums Under Construction

Museums are lightning rods for criticism. The most public of all buildings, they're also the most vulnerable, and even long-accepted classics faced scorn in their infancy. Today we're taking a look at vintage photographs of New York City's famous museums while under construction. Read More >>

30 Museums That Offer Sleepover Events for Kids and Adults Alike

There are plenty of museums that offer overnight sleeping activities here in the UK and in the US. Most are, somewhat predictably, geared towards kids but there are some for adults, too. We've rounded up 30 museums from here and across the pond that offer overnight stays. Read More >>

A Starry Mural That Hums When You Touch It

“Do Not Touch” is a bummer of a directive to give to curious kids. So when designer Scott Garner was selected for a Tough Art residency at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, he opted to create something that encouraged engagement with the piece itself, as well as with the people surrounding it. Read More >>

The First 3D-Printed Gun Is Already in a Museum

It was only a few months ago that the first fully 3D-printed gun was successfully fired. And it's already made its way to a museum's permanent collection. Not bad for a youngun'.
Not just one, but two of the guns were purchased by London's V&A Museum for an unknown price. It could have just printed out its own and called it a day, but instead it opted to purchase a pair actually fired by Texan law student Cody Wilson. You know, the real deal.

The World's Largest Lunchbox Museum Is a Nostalgic Wonderland

So many formative experiences occurred in school cafeterias where the lunchbox was a symbol of your budding sense of identity. Those little tin boxes line the walls of one quaint little museum in the back of an antique mall in Georgia. Read More >>

3d printing
This Database Lets You 3D Print and Explore Thousands of Fossils

Fossils are three dimensional objects, but you aren't really supposed to touch them, and you can't see their depth and detail very easily over the internet. But a new database of fossils from the British Geological Survey actually has the necessary files for you to 3D print fossils yourself. Read More >>

watch this
Take an Amazing Virtual Tour of One of the Most Important Science Museum Exhibitions Ever Scrapped

In 1963, the Science Museum opened a maritime exhibition called the Shipping Galleries. It showed all sorts of amazing engineering feats, from the ship that broke Brunel, to the stunning battleships that ruled the waves. Unfortunately, it had to be closed in 2012 to make way for new exhibits, but not before it was laser scanned. This stunning, moving 3D fly-through tour is one of the results. Read More >>

The Digital Museum Where Outdated Apps Can Live Forever

There's a crew of hero historians out there slurping up the Internet for posterity in case we want to see it later, but what about all the apps? Well now there's a place for them too. Parts of them, at least. Read More >>

Moscow's Getting a Giant Copper-Coated Glacier

Russia has its share of concrete monstrosities and majestic spires, but the new Moscow Polytechnic Museum and Educational Centre in Moscow manages to be neither. Instead, it's like a big, beautiful, sculpted iceberg, with a parking lot. Read More >>

star wars
Take a Tour of Rancho Obi-Wan, The Largest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy

Steve Sansweet is a bit of a rebel among hardcore Star Wars collectors. While many aficionados will specialise in a single type of memorabilia—Rob Foster's 2,000-piece set only includes figurines for example—Sansweet will pick up anything from the series for curation in his massive, 300,000-piece museum, Rancho Obi-Wan. Read More >>

STD Cupcake Anyone? Sex Education via Baked Goods

If you've never heard of 'extreme cake making', here's a deep end introduction. But a small health warning: these particular items aren't for the prudish, or the squeamish. Yuk. Read More >>

Museum Is Literally Spitting Out Burned Exhibits

For his latest exhibit at the Museum of Moving Image in New York City, Berlin-born artist Aram Bartholl has installed a DVD burner into the side of the museum itself. Read More >>

This Chinese Culture Centre Looks Like It's About to Blow Away

This proposal for the Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Centre, designed by IAPA Design Consultants, one of the best Australian practitioners in architectural design, is the recent winner of the excellence award in the International Architecture Design Competition. Read More >>

An Art Gallery of Destroyed Transformers Is the Funnest Art Thing Ever

On the surface, the Guggenheim Museum in New York is hosting an exhibit for John Chamberlain and his sculptures made from destroyed cars, steel and other wrought metals. Dig a little deeper and you can listen to an audio tour that'll turn the art gallery into something even more awesome: a Decepticon exhibit that commemorates the defeat of the Autobots in the Transformers War of 2028. What? Read More >>

Augmented Reality Avatar James May Is Your New Museum Buddy

Unlike Tupac, BBC host James May doesn't have to be dead before we get an augmented reality version of him. Granted, this is not quite as thrilling as having a Hologram Tupac Shakur perform as if still living, but as far as museum guides go, an augmented reality miniature man is a pretty sweet deal. Read More >>


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