Possibly the Best Music Discovery System Ever

In the digital age of "nichification" it's often easier to find lots of things you already like, while inadvertently walling yourself off from experiencing new things that you don't know about yet. When it comes to music, recommendation systems like Pandora's can help you discover music you may not have heard before, but that music is going to be related to the genre you're already listening to. Read More >>

Spotify Overhauls Its Player to Make Discovering New Music a Breeze

Today's Spotify event, billed as "Discover what's next," is not so subtly supposed to be about how Spotify is going to one up its competition by helping you find music better than anyone else. The service is adding a new "Discover" and "Follow" tabs to its player that not only gives you recommendations, but also better context for what you're about to listen to and why its being recommended. The features will roll out in the new year. Read More >>

Spotify Gets Radio Overhaul For Better Music Discovery

If there's one thing Spotify could be characterised as weak for, it's music discovery. It's not awful, but compared to the likes of and the myriad of other streaming radio-type services, it's just not as good. Spotify's hoping to solve that with an overhauled Radio -- bigger, smarter and free-to-all. Read More >>


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