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Spotify Gets Radio Overhaul For Better Music Discovery

By Sam Gibbs on at

If there's one thing Spotify could be characterised as weak for, it's music discovery. It's not awful, but compared to the likes of and the myriad of other streaming radio-type services, it's just not as good. Spotify's hoping to solve that with an overhauled Radio -- bigger, smarter and free-to-all.

Spotify: App Finder Will Launch on Mobile

By Sam Gibbs on at

In an interview with Giz UK today, Spotify's UK Managing Director, Chris Maples, told us that their recently-launched app platform is "coming to as many platforms as it possibly can" -- including the mobile space -- and is part of its core business going forward. Spotify's definitely app-happy.

Sprd the Note: Peer-to-Peer Music Sharing on Your iPhone

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Listening to new music on the iPhone with nice headphones is a wonderfully personal experience. Listening to new music on the iPhone with your friends through the tiny speakers sucks. And the last thing you want is to share your earbuds. That's just gross. The Sprd the Note app will keep your ears disease-free by sharing any DRM-free iTunes-synced tracks between iPhones.