Vodafone to Power the New Sainsbury's Mobile Network

Sainsbury's is launching a full-on mobile network this summer, which'll be called Mobile by Sainsbury's. Mobile by Sainsbury's Feat. Vodafone would be a more accurate name, as the red network will be handling all the complicated backend stuff on behalf of the supermarket chain. Read More >>

GiffGaff's Going to Start Selling Phones Now

Making a departure from its steadfastly SIM-only approach, it seems O2's cheaper, community-run arm is going to start flogging phones. How GiffGaff's going to actually do it, well, that's still up for debate. Read More >>

Is Argos Looking at Running Its Own Phone Network too?

Hot on the heals of Phones 4u's new incoming phone network, Argos is looking at setting up its own MVNO, apparently. You'll be able to sign up for mobile contracts from April, both phones and SIM-only, from traditional networks, but if all goes well, Argos is apparently going to launch its own MVNO. At this rate everyone and their dog will have their own network. Read More >>

Phones 4U Launching its Own Network Using EE's Equipment

From March there'll be another choice when it comes to buying your mobiles and SIMs, with retailer Phones 4U set to launch its own virtual network using EE's infrastructure. It'll launch with 3G phones and plans from this March, with 4G abilities set to arrive some time later this year. It'll be called LIFE Mobile and will offer data bundles as standard. Prices to come nearer launch. [EE] Read More >>

GiffGaff's Latest Balls-Up Exposes User PayPal Addresses

Uh oh, looks like the network run by the people has gaffed again. This time it seems GiffGaff's managed to publically send everyone's PayPal addresses to everyone else while attempting to pay community members back for all their shilling for the network. Read More >>

giz meets
Giz Meets the Guy Behind the People's Mobile Network, GiffGaff

You might not know this, but GiffGaff is an MVNO with a difference. It’s powered by O2’s network, and is actually owned by O2, but it’s run very differently. It’s a network for the people, run by the people, and operated up by a small, dedicated team of permanent employees headed up by the Gaffer himself, Mike Fairman. But where did GiffGaff start, and who is this Fairman chap? Read More >>


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