This Massive, Mirrored Salad Bowl Will Store a Precious Art Collection

Art depots are the distribution warehouses of the art world. They're tucked into anonymous buildings on the outskirts of town, housing works that aren't on view. Very few people ever see these mysterious spaces. But in Rotterdam, the architects at MVRDV have won a competition to build a giant urban art depot that will be open to the public. Oh, and it looks like a salad bowl. Read More >>

Towering Library Covered In Books Proves That Hardcovers Are Still Good For Something

So you got yourself an eReader. You've sworn off physical books for good. Who needs 'em? Well you can't build a gigantic pyramid library with eBooks now can you? Read More >>

I Want to Crawl Through This Sprawling Lego City

Living in a city is fun, but there's no question any metropolis would be better if it were made entirely out of Lego bricks. Not practical, sure, but as proven by this (mini) architectural installation, very beautiful. Read More >>


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