If MySpace Had Facebook's Look Back Video

Facebook's look-back videos are a delightful—if sentimental—look at the last few years of your social media existence. But that's because you've had a great decade! What about the less fortunate? What would, say, MySpace's look back video be? Read More >>

The New MySpace Is Already In Trouble For Peddling Tunes It Doesn't Have the Rights For

The new Myspace, risen from the social media ashes like some kind of a semi-relevant phoenix from the 00s, has already hit its first snafu. It turns out that the site—totally centred around music—might not have secured the right rights. And there's a whole army of small record labels who aren't pleased. Read More >>

Who Does Facebook Search Screw the Most?

Graph Search, which we're going to call Facebook search from here on out because nobody wants to read or write "Graph Search," is a dramatic new way to browse Facebook. But its implications spill over onto its rivals—which companies lose the most? Read More >>

New MySpace Is Now Open to the Public

After six months of beta testing, the new MySpace is finally opening its doors to the public: now, anyone who wants an account can trot over to the site and sign up. Read More >>

MySpace Tom Is a Prick

Remember MySpace? No, not the new one, but the old, horrible one, the acne of the Internet, the one with Tom's dumb face plastered across it? Ever wonder what happened to him? He makes fun of poor people on Twitter. Read More >>

The New MySpace Review: Just Die Already

MySpace is back, again. But this time, it realises how horrible it used to be — and almost everything old is gone. It's a totally fresh start. Unfortunately, New MySpace is like Old MySpace in one very important way: It's still stupid. Read More >>

Why MySpace Has a Good Shot at Killing Spotify

When Spotify launched four years ago in Sweden, it launched not as a direct competitor to massive musical monoliths like iTunes, but as a cheap, all-you-can-eat alternative to piracy. People who were previously cut off from music by the Man were re-introduced to their favourite songs on the cheap. Spotify found a way to compete with free by ingeniously appealing to music lover's morals. Now, someone else is using their killer feature, and giving it away for free. Meet the new MySpace. Read More >>

Apple Can't Trademark Its Music Icon Because of... MySpace

In a hilarious court ruling, Apple got denied a trademark on its orange music icon (the one that's on iOS devices) because trademark judges said consumers might confuse the logo with one owned by MySpace. Hah! Read More >>

Can a Flashy New Redesign Make Myspace Cool Again?

Myspace, that ancient social networking dinosaur, is back with a new coat of paint. And get ready for this: it looks kind of neat. The new format has some pretty clear Pinterest and Tumblr influence, and also looks like it'll be doubling down on the music aspect of the Myspace world, maybe giving Spotify's social aspects a little competition. Maybe. Read More >>

Andy Carroll Shows Us Why You Should Keep an Eye On Your Dead Bebo Profile

Andy Carroll, he's not exactly the kind of person you'd expect to find on Bebo, but there he is. His, presumably, derelict profile has just turned up, full of the most embarrassing self-description you can imagine. Time to dig out the passwords and delete those jettisoned teenage profiles littering the web, perhaps? Read More >>

The 11 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Tech

The tech world is full of flops. This ain't them; some of these companies and their products were monstrously successful for a time; others never even had the high expectations and hype required for something to earn the title "flop". Read More >>

Rupert Murdoch Admits He Screwed Up MySpace "In Every Way"

Media baron, professional evil white guy archetype, and technologist Rupert Murdoch recently took to Twitter regarding his company's historically awful purchase of MySpace. So, what they do wrong? Literally everything. Read More >>

Myspace Is Bigger Than Google+ and Tumblr

You could be forgiven for thinking that Myspace is pretty much dead and buried by this point. After it got flogged off by News Corp. for a huge loss, the site went through a re-branding exercise, even Justin Timberlake got involved, and isn’t doing all that badly. Read More >>

These Should Be the Real Logos Of Nokia, Starbucks, Playboy and Apple

I love the alternate-reality logo work by svenska designern Viktor Hertz. After his first series, he's back with a new batch of Honest Logos, even better than the first. My favorites: Nokia, Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. [Flickr via Bored Panda] Read More >>

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A Guy Accused Tom from MySpace of Being the Father of His Girlfriend's Baby

When a couple goes on Maury (America's most electrifying daytime TV talk show) to prove who's the father of a baby, it's usually a sordid tale of lying, cheating and deceit. But no story can ever get better than this: Joe, the alleged baby daddy, accuses Tom from freaking MySpace of being the real father of his girlfriend's baby because Tom was her very first friend on MySpace. Read More >>

Myspace Wants To Become The Online Music Hub

At at a Tuesday event, Myspace and new owner Specific Media will detail plans to revive the dying social network. According to a document leaked to AllThingsD, the key to a successful resurrection will be music, music, and more music. Read More >>


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