Dying Grandmother's Mystery Code Cracked by the Internet After 20 Years

As harperpitt noted, this is almost certainly the Lord's Prayer: Read More >>

An Up-Close Look at the Google Mystery Barge

The Google mystery barges docked near San Francisco and Portland, Maine are getting even more mysterious. We've seen the barge and heard the arguments about what's inside. But news that the search giant is making government officials keep their mouths shut about them—that takes it to the next level. Read More >>

Russian Ghost Cruise Ship Mysteriously Appears After Two Months Adrift

This is the Russian cruise ship MV Lyubov Orlova. It disappeared shortly after it left Canada en route to the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. Two months later it has reappeared as a ghost ship, completely empty, floating adrift 2,400 kilometres off the west coast of Ireland. Read More >>

Monstrously Big Eyeball Found Washed Up On Florida Coast

Florida man, Gino Covacci, was walking along the beach when he saw what looked like a baseball at the high tide line. He gave it a little kick, but when it rolled over, it stared right back at him! The monster eyeball was fresh and "still bleeding", so he put it in a plastic bag and notified the police who gave him the number of the Oceanograhic Institute. Read More >>

What's Apple Doing With This Mystery Building?

South Carolina: home of BBQ, beaches, and Apple's gi-freaking-normous data centre. It's where iCloud lives, and maybe Siri! And now the company is putting the finishing touches on a new centre. Why? Nobody really knows. So Wired checked it out. Read More >>

Mysterious UFO-Shaped Object Sunk In Baltic Sea Gets Photographed By Divers

Last year, a mysterious UFO-shaped 18.2m disc was discovered in the bottom of the Baltic sea by a Swedish ocean exploration team using sonar. Now they have managed to get near it and take photographs. According to diver Stefan Hogeborn, they have never seen anything like this: Read More >>

Is This Jesus Christ's Real Tomb?

A team of archeologists claims that they have found the real tomb of Jesus Christ. They're convinced that several pieces of evidence point to the veracity of their claim, with the latest one being this 2,000-year-old engraving on the side of an ancient burial site. Read More >>

Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion On Uranus

Quit snickering! Something on Uranus has erupted and now scientists are all in a tizzy about what and why it might be. Read More >>

Wild Apple Prototype MacBook 3G Case Nears Its Quiet, Weird End

The strange tale of the ugly prototype 3G MacBook Pro has seemingly come to an end with Apple returning several of the confiscated parts to the owner in a nondescript FedEx box. Read More >>

Apple's October Event to Be Intimate Cupertino Affair

Apple's secrecy means speculation runs rampant about pretty much anything it does. So, in that light, there's this: The mystery event scheduled for October will be at their HQ, not downtown San Francisco. That's atypical! Now, speculate. [All Things D] Read More >>

Hammock Boat!

Sorry. One-of-a-kind. Make your own. Like a Sasquatch in the Himalayas, this was allegedly seen at the University of California at Davis. Little else is known. [Flickr via Reddit via neatorama] Read More >>


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