This Map Lets You Find Every Street, Place, and Thing With Your Name

If you've ever secretly believed that you deserve a place named after you, then you have come to the right corner of the internet. This handy little app finds every street, river, garden, park, castle or cave with your name already on it. Read More >>

Old and New London Sandwiched Together as 1800s Maps Meet Satellite Photos

The National Library of Scotland has poked its nose south of the border to build a clever mapping tool that charts the history of London, letting viewers peel away time like the layers of a rotten onion to see how the city's streets have changed over the years. Read More >>

PS4 Gamers Encouraged to Use Real Names Online Instead of D3tTHBRiNGER and the Like

Sony's been talking a little more about how PS4 and its systems will work over at the Tokyo Game Show, revealing one big change to its online service in the way it'll encourage players to use and display their proper names. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft Registers to Avoid Potential Future Slaggings

The name Xbone, which would appear to be sticking as semi-derogatory shorthand for Microsoft's new Xbox One console, is now officially endorsed by Microsoft, which has bought the domain. Presumably to stop angry people using it against them in future. Read More >>

Dot-com Could've Been Dot-Cor But For the Whims of Scientists

The most common domain name on the internet today could've been a little different, with dot-cor -- short for corporate -- the early choice for representing businesses online instead of the now-famous dot-com. Read More >>

New Local Banking Crisis Triggered by IT Man Forgetting to Renew Domain

It seems that good old human forgetfulness is just as likely to take out the UK's banking infrastructure as today's high-profile hacking attempts, thanks to Cydesdale and Yorkshire banks losing connectivity for a few days after their owner forgot to renew a critical domain name in time. Read More >>

Rejected Xbox Names Included "Microsoft Active Reality Zone" and "Eleven-X"

An old interview with Xbox man Seamus Blackley has thrown up some interesting facts regarding the original Xbox, with the machine coming close to launching under the bizarre name 11-X. And the project was also known internally as the laughable "Windows Entertainment Project" -- a deliberately bland name chosen to make Microsoft execs comfortable with the idea. Read More >>

Sorry, Apple, Someone Else Owns the iWatch Trademark in the UK

Apple's been gearing up for its long rumoured smart watch project for some time, although there may be some problem with using the anticipated "iWatch" name in the UK -- someone already owns it. Read More >>

Sky Beats Microsoft in Battle For SkyDrive Name

Microsoft's just lost a little legal skirmish with BSkyB in the UK, which may result in its SkyDrive cloud storage thing being given a new name. Because Sky's sort of bagsied the whole "Sky" trademark thing already. Read More >>

Siri Actually Cares How Names Are Pronounced in iOS 7

In iOS 7, Siri's voice is becoming less robotic and more human (we'll have to wait and see if she/he's more useful). One of those improvements will be how she pronounces names. Instead of butchering your name or choppily spelling out letters of your friends' names, she'll be able to be 'taught' what the correct pronunciation is. Read More >>

Idiots Need Telling Not to Call Their Child "Anal"

Some incredible rejected baby names have emerged from New Zealand, where names for kids such as "4Real" and "Queen Victoria" have been rejected by officials. One child was even set to be called "Anal" before the state intervened. Perhaps the parents didn't know how to spell Alan? Read More >>

Two More Crossrail Diggers Want Your "Inspirational" Name Suggestions

After outsourcing the naming of its initial tunnelling machines to the public last year, Crossrail now wants suggestions for names of the last pair of machines due to enter service. It's requesting "modern day heroes" are used as inspiration for its massive mech moles, which we think means it wants to see names of Olympians. Read More >>

The iPhone Was Almost Called Telepod, Mobi or Tripod

During a talk at the University of Arizona's Department of Marketing, Apple's former head of advertising, Ken Segall, let slip about some of the alternative names seriously considered at Cupertino before the launch of the iPhone. They're surprisingly bad. Read More >>

Of Course the Internet Names Pluto's New Moon Vulcan

If you leave votes for things up to the internet, there are normally only two outcomes. Either you end up with a cat, or something from Star Wars or Star Trek. The later is true when it comes to space. Yes, the internet has decreed that Pluto's new moon be called "Vulcan". Read More >>

What's The Best Wi-Fi Network Name You've Ever Seen?

I was travelling this weekend and found myself connected to the incredibly blandly-named "Home_Nework" Wi-Fi network. When I go home, it'll be scarcely better when I connect to yet another router with a boring out-of-the-box name: "FastRabbit." Bleh Read More >>

You're Stuck Using Your Real Name on Facebook For Now

Facebook's crusade against pseudonyms and nicknames has just won out. After a German court ruled Facebook couldn't force people to use their real, full names, a successful appeal from Facebook in another German court rules it can. The result? You're stuck using your real name on Facebook. Read More >>


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