Now You Can Explore Gorgeous National Geographic Maps With Google

A well-drawn map isn't just a functional chart, it's a thing of beauty. National Geographic has been making gorgeous print maps for over 120 years, and thanks to a new partnership, over 500 of them will be available online, powered by Google Map Engine. Read More >>

National Geographic Puts 125 of Its Most Iconic Photos Up For Sale

We're used to participating in Christie's auctions as mere spectators, gawking at items like the Maharaja of Patiala’s banqueting service or the original Apple 1. But this week, Christie's is offering up a collection of National Geographic's most iconic shots—and they're surprisingly affordable.
The nine-day, online-only auction celebrates the magazine's 125th birthday, so it includes 125 photos pulled from the voluminous archive. They include iconic shots like Stephen Alvarez's Majlis al Jinn Cave, above, as well as two images from the Kodachrome negatives of NatGeo's most-lauded photographer, Thomas Abercrombie. Read More >>

Help Us Make National Geographic's Photo Contest Entries Even Better

With the deadline hitting at the end of this week, there's just a few days left to enter National Geographic's 2012 photo contest. So far the submissions are, not surprisingly, stunning, and The Atlantic has rounded up some of the most beautiful entries so far. Choosing a single winner is going to be a daunting task. Read More >>

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Watching a Cheetah Run in Slow Motion Is Still Pretty Damn Fast

Since we've already seen how people capture a photograph of a cheetah running at full speed, it makes sense to see the other side: the slow motion footage of a cheetah running. It's mother naturally beautiful. Read More >>

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This Awesome Photographer Paraglides to Take Extreme Desert Pictures

If you ever wondered how National Geographic manages to take those gorgeous shots of the desert and overhead pictures of animals, the answer: paragliding. Coasting through the nothingness of nature is almost more beautiful than the pictures itself. Photographer George Steinmetz has flown in these motorised paragliders over a dozen times and has seen nearly every extreme desert. What an awesome job. [National Geographic via Neatorama] Read More >>

If You Ever Wondered How People Take a Picture of a Cheetah Running at Full Speed

Cheetahs are super fast, and to capture them running at full speed is damn near impossible. Well, almost impossible. National Geographic shows how they captured a running cheetah and it's pretty damn impressive: over 400 foot of perfectly level dolly track, a bevy of cameras, an able and willing cheetah and really fast instincts. [YouTube via PetaPixel] Read More >>

There's Still Time to Enter the National Geographic Photo Contest, But the Competition Is Scary-Good

If I asked you where you could find an epic clash between some deer and some riot troops set aflame, in the vicinity of a nocturnal, cloud-covered skyline, you might think it was the start of a rather bizarre joke. Well, think again, as this is exactly what's on show in this year's amazing National Geographic photo contest. Read More >>

Were the Giant Easter Island Statues Simply Walked To Where We Found Them?

Like the mystery of how the great pyramids in Egypt were built, no one's really sure how the giant Moia statues on Easter Island were transported to the platforms where they were later discovered. But researchers think they might have finally figured it out. Read More >>

A Cut-Price Apple Macbook Pro or Air Is Your "I Don't Need No Stinking Retina Display" Deal of the Day

As you might know, Apple came out from under their techno-rock the other day and announced some upgrades to their MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. All well and good, if you want to stay up to date. Read More >>

Dirt 3 Is Your Bank-Holiday-Driver-and-Caravan-Avoidance-Strategy Deal of the Day

It's a bank holiday and appropriately, the roads have been filled with bewildered day-trippers, tootling about the place as they've aimed to make the most of the bonus workless day. Read More >>

James Cameron's New Sub Will Take Him To the Deepest Spot On Earth

James Cameron has long been a filmmaker who embraced the latest technologies, but his newest toy, the Deepsea Challenger, is a submarine that's capable of diving to the deepest part of the ocean, also known as the Challenger Deep. Read More >>

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Take a Tour Through the World's Biggest Cave

Working as a National Geographic photographer is (thankfully) more than just panther attacks and paraglider crashes. Sometimes you get to explore the underground equivalent of "a previously undiscovered Mount Everest" like photographer Carsten Peter. Read More >>

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How Do They Take Apart a US Navy Ship As Big As a City Block

This is a fascinating video. It shows how the US Navy destroys its old ships, one scrap of metal at a time, recycling every component to make new parts. The ship is the USS Savannah, a Wichita-class tanker almost as long as two American football fields and ten floors high. Read More >>

These Gorgeous Photos Are National Geographic's Best of 2011

This little Indonesian dragonfly is kind of a big deal. It's the winning subject of National Geographic's 2011 Photo Contest and helped Shikhei Goh beat out 20,000 other submissions to net the $10,000 (£6,500) Grand Prize. Check out the rest of the best as well as every other submission gallery at National Geoographic. [Neatorama - Images via National Geographic] Read More >>

Nat Geo Photographers Get to Play with the Coolest Gadgets

We all know being a National Geographic photographer dangerous work, but it's not all snake bites and panther maulings. Nat Geo's new Field Test feature series shows off some of the high tech gadgets—from camera traps to sexcopters—the photographers employ to get their spectacular shots. [Field Test - Image: National Geographic/Michael Nichols] Read More >>

The Many Hazards of Being a Photographer for National Geographic

Working for the famous adventure magazine isn't all just exotic locales and spectacular photo ops; there's a fair amount of danger that goes hand-in-hand with the glamour. Here are just a few of the things that can go wrong on expedition. Read More >>


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