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The Largest Earthquake in US History Happened 50 Years Ago Today

At 5:42 a.m. on March 27, 1964, a 9.2-magnitude earthquake erupted 78 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska. The earthquake remains the most powerful earthquake to strike North America, and the second-largest earthquake ever measured. Read More >>

Supervolcanoes Are Even Scarier Than We Thought

Do you have a cute and cuddly stuffed animal near you? If not, you might want to find one because what you're about to read will scare you silly. And not the good kind of silly either. We're talking The-End-Is-Coming sort of silly. Read More >>

Watch this Island Appear Out of Nowhere Off the Coast of Pakistan

NASA's Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite captured the birth of the new island off the coast of Gwadar, Pakistan after this week's 7.8 earthquake. Read below for a longer look at this rocky, flammable gas-emitting landform that scientists are calling a "mud volcano" and why this little island might not last very long. As of today, the earthquake has claimed 515 lives, with attacks from insurgents hampering relief efforts. Read More >>

What Happens When Natural Disasters Instantly Change Our Maps?

Pakistan's devastating earthquake this week killed hundreds, with a death toll that's certain to rise. While the country recovers, the world has become fascinated by a geographic side effect of the disaster: the quake was so powerful that it created a new island in the Arabian Sea. And as of Wednesday morning, people were already exploring it. Read More >>

This Earthquake Sensor Is Powered By the Very Earthquakes It Senses

There's no doubt that earthquakes can be powerful, and usually the bulk of that power goes to destroying things. While you can't stop an earthquake from quaking earth, a Victoria University student has found a way to divert some of that energy to monitoring the quake it came from. Read More >>

The Six Most Extreme Hurricanes of All Time

Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the east coast of North America. The storm is massive — but will she be among the most extreme hurricanes of all time? Read More >>

A Bad Earthquake Prediction Earns Italian Scientists Six Years in Jail

An Italian court has sentenced six scientists and a former government official to six years in prison for a faulty prediction of the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila. What is this, the Salem witch trials? This is a dangerously anti-science precedent, even if it's just in Italy. Read More >>

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What Being Inside a Tornado Looks Like

If you've ever wondered what being inside the swirling terror of a tornado looks like, watch this video. It's footage from a school bus that got trapped inside the destructive spin of the grey cyclone. It's utterly terrifying. Read More >>

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What Is an Earthquake?

Who isn't afraid of being waken abruptly by a shaking building whose roof is caving in? Or a huge tsunami sweeping though your town? Earthquakes are terrifying. But what exactly are they? Why do earthquakes happen? Read More >>


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