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Shooting Challenge #31 -- Spring

As a child I used to sit up in a big oak tree and watch ‘old’ folk tend to crops on their little allotment plots. Fast-forward 35 years and this same lad has his own allotment plot and is taking on the supermarkets one failed crop at a time! Read More >>

Why Toothpaste Makes Things Taste So Awful

You may think it might be the common mint flavour of toothpaste clashing with other flavours, but in the case of orange juice and many other things, this isn't actually what's going on. The culprit here is thought to be two compounds almost universally added to toothpastes: sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate, which are anionic surfactants, meaning they lower the surface tension of water. Read More >>

Robins Can See Magnetic Fields (But Only in One Eye)

Despite its unassuming looks and gentle temperament, the humble red breasted robin (Erithacus rubecula) boasts a superhero-like ability. They can see magnetic fields, giving them an almost perfect sense of direction. Read More >>

Supervolcanoes Are Even Scarier Than We Thought

Do you have a cute and cuddly stuffed animal near you? If not, you might want to find one because what you're about to read will scare you silly. And not the good kind of silly either. We're talking The-End-Is-Coming sort of silly. Read More >>

Why These Bison in California Were Put on Birth Control

This is a story about bison, Hollywood, and a glycoprotein. A rocky outpost off the coast of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island was originally home to exactly zero bison. In 1924, however, when the island was owned by William Wrigley Jr. of chewing gum fame, a film crew imported 14 buffalo for a movie shoot. The crew left; the bison did not. The finished film, The Vanishing American, contains exactly zero scenes with bison. Read More >>

The Awesomely Weird Biological Shoes That We Will Wear in 2050

"The cells have the capability to inflate and deflate and to respond to pressure," Aden told Dezeen. But they special material requires a little extra care, as you have to store them in a jar full of protocell liquid. Aden explained, "You would take the trainers home and you would have to care for it as if it was a plant, making sure it has the natural resources needed to rejuvenate the cells." Read More >>

GPS Hedgehogs are Britain's Latest Survival Specialists

With hedgehog numbers across Britain dwindling (and tonight's bonfire activities sure to lower the population numbers further) a team of researchers at Shepreth Wildlife Park in Cambridgeshire have come up with a novel solution to aid rehabilitated hedgehogs, equipping them with GPS trackers. Read More >>

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Don't Forget How Beautiful the World Is

Living in cities, driving on car-congested roads, going to work, sitting in cubicles, shopping at supermarkets, surrounding yourself in urban density and all around stepping away from nature makes it easy to forget how beautiful she can be. We should never forget. Read More >>

Bees Can't Find Flowers Thanks to Diesel Exhaust

Diesel exhaust is pretty nasty stuff. Pass an overloaded articulated lorry clouding up the motorway, and that acrid plume of hydrocarbons will overpower even your best little tree air freshener. As new research lays out, that exhaust doesn't just smell bad, it messes with the scent of flowers. And that's big trouble for our already struggling bee friends. Read More >>

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This Time Lapse of Iceland Is So Beautifully Alien

You can travel every inch of this world and probably travel every inch of the galaxy and you'd find very few places more beautiful than Iceland. Even alien paradises don't look this good. Stian Rekdal covered over 3,000 miles and took more than 40,000 photos of Iceland over three weeks to cook this time lapse video up and it's so worth it. More efficient than combing through the entire universe to find something better. [Stian Rekdal via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Fearless Warrior Goldfish Survives 21 Months in Abandoned House Fire Pond

Builders refurbishing a house that burnt down in December of 2011 found a cheery little goldfish in the garden pond, which had somehow managed to miraculously survive for 21 months all alone beneath a stack of debris with no light. Read More >>

David Attenborough Foresees an Apocalypse, Claiming "Things Are Going to Get Worse" for Humans

Renowned nature enthusiast Sir David Attenborough thinks we're enjoying the best days of humanity, suggesting that population explosion and other factors may mean our descendants will envy the good times us lot had trashing the planet. Read More >>

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Can You Identify a Mystery Cocoon Which Has the Whole Internet Stumped?

Usually, throw the internet an image of something you can't identify and it's only a couple of minutes until you're bombarded with people pointing out how dumb you are. Not so with this mystery cocoon, though — because nobody can work out where it comes from. Read More >>

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You'll Be Jealous of This Tiny Wasp Hitching a Ride on a Damselfly

Being a human's great, but sometimes it would be cool to experience the world from a different perspective. I'd love to be this little wasp, hitching a ride on the back of a damselfly. Read More >>

Tropical Moths Use Ultrasonic Crotch Blasts to Confuse Attacking Bats

In what has to be one of the most brilliant self-defense mechanisms ever developed, several species of tropical moths are able to rasp their genitals against their bodies to produce ultrasonic signals that confuse an attacking bats acoustical targeting system. Read More >>

Is There a Limit to How Tall a Tree Can Grow?

It seems like the towering Oaks across Britain could grow to the edge of space, had they enough time. But it turns out that's not the case. Like with the enormous skyscrapers man has built, trees can only grow so high because of the logistics imposed by gravity. Read More >>


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