Natwest and RBS Were Apparently Borked Yet Again Last Night

I'm not sure why, but Natwest and RBS aren't exactly doing a stand-up job of, well, standing up. Both banks had their cards, cash machines, online, and phone banking go tits-up last night. Apparently loads of people had their cards swallowed by ATMs and everything, but did you even notice? Read More >>

NatWest Pulls Its "Get Cash" Cardless Cash Machine App Over Hacking Fears

One step forward, two steps back. NatWest has, seemingly, had to pull its app that allowed you to get cash out of a cash machine without needing a debit card. It seems fraudsters could hijack the app and rinse people's bank accounts for cash without them knowing a thing about it. Read More >>

RBS and NatWest Launch NFC for iPhone 4S, But Only Via a Crappy Plastic Case

TouchPay is a new system of managing NFC payments, designed for iPhone 4 and 4S users who don't mind the social stigma that comes from having a pretty shameful plastic case known as the iCarte covering their fancy telephones. Read More >>

Natwest Outage Strikes Again, While Nationwide Also Has "Issues"

Oh dear, it looks like it's really not a good time to be a Natwest or Nationwide customer. After the debacle Natwest had last month, its debit cards and online banking are borked again, while Nationwide saw over 700,000 people hit with bank account-emptying duplicate payments. Read More >>

Woman From Newcastle Shows Us Why Having a Bank Name as Your Twitter is Just a Bad Idea

When you're thinking up a Twitter name for yourself, it's probably best not to pick a company name. It's not because said company will come after you, but it's users might when things go tits up. Read More >>

Failed Automated Software Caused RBS/Natwest Banking System Crash

The complete crash of RBS and Natwest's payment system for four days last week was caused by a glitch in an automated batch processing tool, which is a rather mundane explanation for the banks' complete failure to register payments last week. Read More >>

Your Bank Screwed? It's Not Just You, Natwest is Borked

The "helpful bank" is having issues. Legions of its customers have been reporting problems; from debit cards to online banking, it looks like everything is screwed. Read More >>

Forget Your Bank Card, All Your Need Is Your Phone to Get Cash Out Now

The phone looks set to claim another victim -- the humble bank card seems on the way out, thanks to RBS, Natwest and NCR. You can now request up to £100 using just your phone and an ATM, perfect for emergency beer money. Read More >>


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