Move Over GPS, a New Positioning System Has You in Its Sights

GPS is now so widespread that we take it for granted. But it's not always perfect—so what if a new technology could achieve more than those triangulated military satellites in the sky? Read More >>

The Simplest Turn-by-Turn Navigation System Ever

There's plenty wrong with turn-by-turn navigation, so here's a completely different solution: boil the route down into the most simple set of rules possible, and leave the user to it. Read More >>

What Turn-by-Turn Navigation Should Look Like

The new Google Maps app was finally released, and I'm loving it so far, but it's missing a feature I've been hoping to see map apps implement for some time. I have this problem where as soon as I pull up directions on my phone, whether right after entering my destination or getting out of the subway station, I get into this confused spinning dance. What I'm trying to do is find out which direction I should be heading in. I twist the phone, I turn my body, all in the hopes that my little blue-dotted self will finally turn in line with the path I've been told to take. Read More >>

Australian Police Warns the Public Not to Use iOS 6 Maps

It's been official for a while now: iOS 6 Maps suck. Everyone from Tim Cook to my mother knows it, but now it's getting scary. Victoria Police are advising people not to use iOS 6 Maps due to safety concerns. What are those safety concerns? Oh nothing, really, just people stranded deep inside a remote national park, that's all. Read More >>

Instant Google Street View Autocompletes Map Searches On the Fly

This is so totally epic. Go to and start typing in an address, place name, or location. The site will automagically go to the address it predicts you're thinking of, complete with Google Street View images. Amazing, right? Read More >>

Nokia's New Mapping Service Is Coming to iOS and Android

We just introduced you to Here, Nokia's insanely fast new mapping service for the desktop and mobile browser, but it's also coming to Android and iOS in a few weeks. Read More >>

Nokia's Insanely Fast New Mapping Service Looks Awesome

Apple Maps sucks hard but Nokia's navigation solution, a product called Here that was just announced today, is fast as hell. Read More >>

apple maps
Apple Maps vs Google Maps: A Side by Side iPhone Comparison

We've talked plenty about the flaws inherent in Apple Maps, and where it differs from Google Maps on paper. But how wide is the disparity between the two in actuality? We stacked two iPhone 4Ses side-by-side (one running iOS 5, one running iOS 6, both on Wi-Fi with GPS on), and let the two mapping apps do battle. Read More >>

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It Might Be a Couple of Months Before We See a Proper Google Maps iPhone App

TechCrunch's Alexia Tsotsis has sources at Google telling her that they hope to have a proper Google Maps iOS 6 app "before Christmas." Not next week, not next month. Before Christmas. Ugh. Read More >>

monster machines
This Weed-Killing Robot Dispatches Dandelions with 98 Percent Accuracy

A prototype weed-seeking automaton could change the way seven billion humans eat, as well as help to end industrial agriculture's reliance on toxic herbicides and itinerant labor. Read More >>

Future Drones Will Autonomously Navigate the Skies Without GPS

Military drones rely heavily on GPS for navigation guidance while in the air. But in areas where a signal can't be found, or where someone is using a GPS jammer, a drone will find itself in a troublesome predicament. Military sub-contractor BAE Systems has come up with a solution to that problem: A positioning system called NAVSOP that uses any wireless signal to find its location. Read More >>

TomTom to Update Its Maps Every Single Day

TomTom was already a big player in digital mapping, and then it went and signed up to work with Apple on the new iOS maps app. Good news, then, for anyone who uses a TomTom provided service: their maps are soon set to update every single day, for free. Read More >>

A GPS Device Designed Specifically For Pirates (and Other Sailing Types)

GPS devices designed for land-lubbers work just fine on an engine-powered boat that can head straight across the water. But for sailboats who have to zig-zag—or tack— to catch the wind, The Sailing GPS is better suited as it understands that the quickest route from point A to B isn't always a straight line. Read More >>

Vibrating Steering Wheels Could Provide Distraction-Free Directions

In an attempt to reduce the number of accidents caused by in-car distractions, AT&T Labs, working with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, have created a vibrating steering wheel that provides navigation directions instead of voice cues or an on-screen map. Read More >>

Tourists Follow Car GPS Into a Body of Water

We've seen GPS lead people into some ridiculous situations, but we never thought anyone would blindly follow GPS until their car was submerged in A BODY OF WATER. Three Japanese tourists proved us wrong! Read More >>

Hate Google Maps? You've Got Another Option With Nokia Maps For iOS and Android

I’m pretty happy with Google maps, but if you’re seeking a good alternative, Nokia’s just made a web app of its mapping service available in-browser for both iOS and Android. It’ll even do some things others can’t, like let you to save parts of a map for offline usage and give you voice-guided walking navigation. Read More >>


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