Amazing Ancient Viking Sun Compass Even Worked After Sunset

Even the best Scout prefers to navigate during the day. The Vikings, apparently, would have laughed at such a preference—according to new research, the North Atlantic seafarers' sun compass was so advanced it even worked after dark, thanks to clever engineering and mystical crystals. Read More >>

QR Codes Make Themselves Useful as Warship Construction Maps

BAE Systems staff working on the new series of Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers have come up with a novel use for the poor old QR code system; sticking codes on walls of the skeletons of the ships to help engineers find their way around the massive 3D construction sites. Read More >>

No GPS Signal? No Problem: This Little Chip Knows Where You Are

GPS is a godsend when it works. Problem is, there are plenty of places it doesn't work—tall skyscrapers, concrete overpasses, and other huge structures all block the satellite signal. Luckily, Swiss company u-blox devised a chip that keeps you on course when the satellites drop out, using the most old-fashioned of navigation techniques: dead reckoning. Read More >>

14 iOS Design Trends for 2014

Just as we did a year ago, I'm kicking off 2014 with a list of design trends I expect to gain ground over the next twelve months. The world of interactive design is an extreme fluid in terms of what's determined as a staple of good design from year to year. Read More >>

LED Carpets Guarantee You'll Never Get Lost In an Airport Again

With a development that will surely appeal to airports, Philips has announced a partnership with flooring manufacturer Desso to produce a light transmissive LED-powered carpet that can be used to display warning messages, directions, or even fancy glowing designs. And airports are just the tip of the glowy-floor iceberg. Read More >>

Haptic Feedback and LED Coat Guides Clueless Fashion Idiots Around the Streets

A company going by the name of Wearable Experiments has come up with the concept of a modern coat able to point you in the direction of the nearest kebab shop, with its Navigate jacket lighting up and vibrating to subtly point the wearer in the right direction. Read More >>

Bike Navigation That Actually Might Not Kill You

The company just raised £120,000 through a Dragon campaign to mass produce their portable device that clips onto any bike handlebars. It syncs with Hammerhead's mapping app (iOS or Android ) that plots your route, and then it uses coloured lights to display directions on your bike. And since the whole system is solely designed for biking it emphasises whatever route is shortest while still being safe, including short cuts and bike paths that you couldn't take with a car. Read More >>

Hackers Figured Out How to Hijack Shipping Vessel Tracking Systems

A team of white hat hackers recently figured out how to break into the navigation technology used to track 400,000 shipping vessels worldwide. With this kind of access they could hypothetically make it appear as if a fleet of mystery ships was about to invade New York City. This is not good. Read More >>

google maps
Google Maps Adds Multiple Destinations, Events, and Reservations

Getting to one destination and then having to input your next destination manually? Who has the time? Years of your life have been wasted with this arduous task. But now, finally (or, rather, once again) you can add multiple destinations all at once in Google Maps. Read More >>

Students Take Control of £50m Superyacht Using Fake GPS Signals

By sending fake GPS data to a superyacht's navigation system, University of Texas students were able to override the actual GPS signals and send a £50 million ship veering off course without rousing any suspicions whatsoever. Well, they would have got away with it -- if it wasn't a controlled experiment, that is. Read More >>

Garmin's New HUD Projects Turn-by-Turn Directions Onto Any Windscreen

When most of us think of heads-up displays, our brains almost immediately wander into science fiction fantasies. And lord knows I've been fantasising about a relatively inexpensive unit that will put turn-by-turn navigation on my windshield. Goodbye, awkward smartphone mount, hello, Garmin HUD. Read More >>

Tomorrow's Galactic Explorers Could Use Pulsars as Interstellar GPS

Space is so ludicrously vast that keeping a precise fix on our spacecraft — even within the solar system — is really tough. So rather than track them from afar, a team of researchers want spacecraft to govern themselves — using pulsars. Read More >>

JVC Kenwood's Heads-Up Nav System Keeps Your Eyes On the Road

Sure, in-car GPS navigation systems make it easier to know where you're headed. But it's all for naught if you're so distracted checking the map that you end up rear-ending someone. So to help ensure you're at least keeping one eye on the road, JVC Kenwood's new MDV-737HUD nav system includes a see-through heads-up display that sits right next to your rear-view mirror. Read More >>

Nokia to Share Entire Navigation Suite With Other Windows Phones

Nokia has announced that it is to share its Drive, Maps and Transit apps with other Windows Phone handsets. Under the Here moniker, users of non-Nokia handsets will finally be able to use the Finns' excellent navigation software. Read More >>

Two Cheap Sensors Could Transform GPS Navigation

A team of Spanish researchers has developed a way to vastly improve in-car GPS navigation — and all it requires is some cheap, extra sensors. Read More >>

Take a Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon With New Google Imagery

Never been to the Grand Canyon? No problem, virtual hiker — Google can be your guide with new interactive, 360-degree imagery of the world-famous monument. Read More >>


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