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This 80 MPH Badger Fits in the Belly of an Osprey

US ground forces are about to get an awesome new whip from Boeing's Phantom Works: a petite combat support vehicle combining power, speed, and all-terrain traction to deliver soldiers to just about anywhere on Earth—without all the hiking. Read More >>

monster machines
Every Helicopter in the US Military Could Soon Be a Drone

The MQ-8 Fire Scout might be the US military's marquee pilotless helicopter, but it's not the only one. A pair of R/C Kaman K-Max K-1200 choppers have proven their value resupplying forward operating bases in Afghanistan and, now, the Department of Defence is developing a system to turn any helicopter into a remotely operated whirley bird. Read More >>

QR Codes Make Themselves Useful as Warship Construction Maps

BAE Systems staff working on the new series of Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers have come up with a novel use for the poor old QR code system; sticking codes on walls of the skeletons of the ships to help engineers find their way around the massive 3D construction sites. Read More >>

I Wore the US Navy's Oculus Rift, and it Showed Me the Future of Warfare

When we think of the future of military, we think of bigger and better weapons. Laser canons and the like. But what about the people operating those lasers? How can a behemoth like the US Navy ready its future sailors for the high-tech combat of tomorrow? Believe it or not, with an Oculus Rift. Read More >>

The US Navy's New Underwater Internet

You use Wi-Fi everyday, but have you heard of its cousin, Li-Fi? Devices that use blinking lights to transmit data could provide the wireless Internet of the future. Read More >>

The Future of War is Here: US Navy is Getting Giant Lasers on a Ship

The US Navy is saying a prototype of the solid state Laser Weapons System (LaWS) is ready for deployment. This summer in the Persian Sea, the USS Ponce will be outfitted with lasers that can shoot down aerial drones, speedboats and swarm boats that are miles away. It's going to be Star Wars in the open sea. Read More >>

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The US Navy's DDG1000 Looks Pretty Great (When it's Animated)

America's new Zumwalt-class destroyer employs some of the most advanced technology in naval history. From cutting edge power and propulsion systems to mission-adaptable missile launchers, this comparative animation from Raytheon illustrates the new vessel's impressive capabilities. Read More >>

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The US Navy Almost Built a "Flying Dorito" it Couldn't Afford to Fly

While U.S. military has had its fair share of bungled development programmes—just look at the V-22 Osprey or the littoral combat ship—the ill-fated A-12 Avenger II is a strong candidate for the worst. It was so poorly managed that, if completed, the programme could have sunk nearly all of the Navy's budget. Read More >>

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The Navy Puts All Previous Oculus Rift Uses to Shame

The above is not bonus footage from Battleship. Nor is it promotional material for a fancy video game. What it is, though, is definitive proof that the military will always have way cooler toys than you. Read More >>

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Why is There a Naval Cruiser in the Middle of This Cornfield?

Just outside of Moorsetown, New Jersey, USA sits the top of an Arleigh Burke destroyer peeking above endless rows of corn – miles from the nearest ocean. It's a full-size mock up that Lockheed Martin uses to develop its AEGIS Combat System. Read More >>

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This Multi-Launcher Spits Out Missiles Like a 12-Barrel Revolver

While the Phalanx has proven an immensely effective self-defence system for the US Navy, it's far from a watertight solution. To intercept incoming threats that the Phalanx can't handle, the US Navy is investing in a rotating missile-launcher that lobs a baker's dozen of self-propelled missiles at anyone dumb enough to engage. Read More >>

The US Navy Just Launched a Drone From a Submarine—While Underwater

If you thought launching a drone from an aircraft carrier was impressive, you're going to be blown away by this: After six years of development, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has successfully launched a drone from a submerged submarine. Read More >>

A Drone Hit a Guided Missile Cruiser During a Weapons System Test

The whole point of testing things is to ward off future problems, right? And the Navy has plenty to look into since a drone that was deployed as a radar test crashed into a ship during a weapons system test. Test. Testing. Test. Read More >>

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America's Newest and Deadliest Destroyer Has Finally Set Sail

Reports of the USS Zumwalt's christening being delayed until next spring have been greatly exaggerated. In a surprise move, the US Navy instead launched the next-generation destroyer from its berth in Bath, Maine early this morning. Read More >>

Britney Spears Audio Weapon Neutralises Threat of Somali Pirates

Shipping tankers floating about in the piracy-rife waters around Somalia are using an audio weapon to scare off attackers, with the music of former teen pop sensation Britney Spears said to be the most effective in deterring potential raiders. Read More >>

Iran Sure Did Pick a Bad Time to Hack into the US Navy's Computers

Obama barely got a chance to catch his breath after announcing historic talks with Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, when some discouraging news came across the wires. Presumably while all this good diplomacy was going down, Iranian hackers broke into unclassified Navy computers. Oh hell. Read More >>


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