Would You Be on a Reality TV Show That Sends You to Space?

It's everyone's fantasy to get strapped to a giant rocket and blasted into the heavens. Right? Well, except for the space sickness, the difficult-to-operate space toilet, the inevitable contingency that your trip could turn out like the movie Gravity. Going to space is complicated. And it should make for great television. Read More >>

Get Your Knight Rider Fix on LoveFilm Now

It's been a while since we've heard anything from the streaming TV wars in the UK. But deals continue to be signed, with LoveFilm getting NBCUniversal on-board. Now you'll be able to get your fix of Heroes, Knight Rider, 30 Rock, and The Office (US) via LoveFilm Instant. Epic, impromptu Hoff sessions are go. [PRNewswire] Read More >>

Watch Tim Cook in His First TV Interview Since Becoming Apple CEO

It's been about a year since Tim Cook took the helm at Apple, and he has apparently decided now is a good time to start talking to people. Brian Williams got first dibs, interviewing Cook earlier tonight on NBC's Rock Center. Read More >>

Hackers Replace NBC Sites With Smörgåsbord of Hacker Cliches

Those in search of SNL and 30 Rock clips over at NBC’s videos page have been met with something quite different: a hacked page of weirdness with a surprisingly catchy soundtrack. It’s most prominent website hack we’ve seen in a while, and also one of the least coherent. Read More >>

Twitter "Messed Up" Over Olympic Tweet Ban Handling

The sorry mess that saw a journalist kicked off Twitter for being mildly critical of a US TV network's Olympic coverage has been resolved, with the account reinstated and both Twitter and NBC standing down over how silly they've been. Read More >>

NBC-Slamming Journalist Guy Adams Is Back On Twitter

Guy Adams—the journalist banned by Twitter after slamming NBC's Olympics coverage again and again—is back in the game. His Twitter account has been activated again, as this image shows. [Twitter via Twitter] Read More >>

British Journalist Banned From Twitter For Criticising NBC's Crappy Olympics Coverage

Oh dear Twitter. NBC might be your broadcasting partner for the Olympics, but that doesn't mean you should ban people for criticising them and tweeting a company email address. Read More >>

Movie Studios Caught Pirating Movie

The same copyright barons pushing SOPA, the awful internet, are enormous hypocrites, TorrentFreak reports. They want the law as a means of stopping online piracy—but maybe they should start with their own employees. Read More >>


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