Here's a 120,000 Year Old Tumour Found Inside a Neanderthal

Neanderthals weren't smoking cigarettes. They weren't breathing in pollution. They weren't eating processed foods. They weren't dealing with pesticides. Nope. But apparently, Neanderthals still got cancer. This 120,000-year-old bone fragment reveals a cancerous tumour: Neanderthals, they're just like us. Read More >>

"Adventurous" Woman Needed to Give Birth to Neanderthal Baby

Geneticist George Church believes he nearly has all the required things bubbling away in his lab to enable him to clone a Neanderthal, with the only missing link being a woman who's brave enough to want to carry our alien ancestor. Read More >>

It Turns Out We Might Not be Descended From Neanderthals After All

According to some scientists, similarities between the DNA of modern people and Neanderthals are more likely to have come from shared ancestry, rather than interbreeding as previously thought. Read More >>

Scientists Have Identified a Completely New Human Species from China

Your family tree just got wider. Scientists have analysed fossils found in China, and deemed them to be from a new human species unlike any ever identified before; say hello to your long-lost cousin. Read More >>

Neanderthals and Modern Humans, Like, Got Busy

Despite representing different stages of human evolution, it looks like European Homo Sapiens might have had a penchant for a little Neanderthal booty. Or vice versa. Read More >>


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