Artist Creates Amazing Artificial Glowing Nebulae Over City Skies

I love Janet Echelman's floating alien sculptures. I want them to be everywhere, like otherworldly guardians of the night. Urban skies—devoid of stars thanks to light pollution—are a lot more beautiful with these stunning nebulae in them. Read More >>

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The Butterfly Nebula Sure Looks Pretty

There's nothing gentle or delicate about this butterfly. Despite its pleasant appearance, the Butterfly Nebula has a dying star at its centre that has a temperature of 250,000 degrees C. Read More >>

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It Definitely Looks Beautiful Inside the Ring Nebula

The Ring Nebula is a common image in astronomy, but new images from Hubble reveal something rather strange inside the cloud of swirling gas. Read More >>

The Magnificent Eagle Nebula Like You Have Never Seen It Before

This new image of the Eagle Nebula—without a doubt one of the most amazing objects in space—is stunningly trippy. It combines the two opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum in one shot: Far-infrared and X-ray. Absolutely gorgeous. Read More >>

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Tarantula Nebula Is the Prettiest Radiation-Spewing Spider in the Heavens

The creation of stars is a violent process that produces intense heat and radiation. It also produces incredibly beautiful images. Read More >>

Galactic Pac-Man Chomps Dots Across the Night's Sky

The universe is full of incredibly beautiful sights, but they're all designated with dull official codes like NGC 281. Thankfully some stargazers have a little imagination, and have nicknamed the nebula above after the original dot-chomper, Pac-Man. Can you see it? Read More >>

Blowing Bubbles in Space

This stunning photo is of a giant gas bubble that's been blown by the Bubble nebula, NGC 7635. The bubble was created by the intense radiation and stellar winds coming off a nearby star -- not quite as serene as it looks. [Larry Van Vleet via] Read More >>


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