Remote Control Nerf-Firing Robots are the Answer to Every Kid's Dream

Robots and Nerf, two toys that are the staple of every child's messy bedroom floor, are finally coming together in what could be one of the best (and safest) ways to harass your siblings, parents, and even co-workers. Because Hasbro's new Combat Creatures let you remotely unleash a barrage of foam darts from a safe distance. Read More >>

Let's Play Darts With Nerf's New Hit-Recording Cam-Blaster

Nerf's new N-Strike Elite Cam ECS-12 Blaster is a prototype crazy gun that records and plays back your target practice right on the crosshairs—and leaves plenty for the mounting evidence pile. Read More >>

Adorn Your Walls With the Weapons of Summer Fun

The actual summer months might be drawing to a close, but thanks to LA-based DKNG Studios, you can preserve some of that warm weather fun with these awesome prints featuring comprehensive illustrations of the Nerf and Super Soaker product lines. Read More >>

A Nerf Gun Is Your Terminate-With-Extreme-Prejudice Deal of the Day

Let's be frank here – life is a bit of a pain in the arse isn't it? What with all the people and stuff and everything. If only you could dole out some instant firearm justice whenever it all got too much for you – without getting arrested or anyone getting killed of course. Read More >>

This Insane Nerf Blaster Can Fire Off 144 Darts in Under 30 Seconds

Billed as the highest capacity Nerf gun ever created, the new N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster can hold eight eighteen shot clips, putting 144 darts at your disposal between reloads. And with a firing capacity of up to six shots per second, you've just guaranteed yourself office supremacy. Read More >>

Propane-Powered Nerf Gun Is Strong Enough To Dent a Whiteboard

Nerf guns are obviously designed with limited kick to be safe for kids. But if you're older, and irresponsible, you crave something with a little more firepower. Which is what led Make's Dan Spangler to build this propane-powered dart cannon. Read More >>

The Great Nerf Guns of 2012

Will we ever feel too old to love Nerf guns? No, I doubt it. What about Super Soakers? Oh hush, of course not. Shooting things with toy guns is an intrinsic human joy. Here's what you'll be firing this year. Read More >>

The Super Soaker Lightning Storm Is a Water-Blasting Tommy Gun

Nostalgia nothing, where were badass Super Soakers like this when I was a kid? Read More >>

Why Weren't These Awesome iPhone-Equipped Laser Tag Guns Available When I Was a Kid?

We had the original Nerf foam dart guns when I was a kid, for when your Super Soaker just wasn’t allowed in the house. But these new Nerf Laser Tag guns that let you slot your iPhone in the top for some augmented reality blasting would have totally blown my little 12-year-old mind. Read More >>

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Nerf Guns Provide the Cutest Way to Pull Your Tooth

ideos of semi-terrified kids having their teeth yanked by others in crazy ways are a dime a dozen. That's why we love this fearless and adorable kid who yanks his own tooth with a Nerf bow. Nice technique, baller kid! [via Wimp] Read More >>

The Complete Toy Story Box Set Is Your "To Infinity and Beyond!" Deal of the Day

Today’s top deal is one will only be poo-poohed by those of you who have a heart fashioned from concrete – for the rest of us, poo-poohing will be replaced by aahing and oohing. Read More >>

Five of the Most Awesome Nerf Guns You'd Want With You In a Firefight

Not all Nerf guns are created equally -- some are infinitely more awesome than others. TechEBlog has pulled together a nice collection of custom Nerf blasters from deviantART member bcjfla76. Read More >>

Seventy-Five-Year-Old Chair Is Turned Into Steampunk Nerf Gun

Etsy seller faustus70 had a Nerf N-Strike Barricade gun, an old chair and some aluminum lying around. But he didn't take this stuff to the dump like most people, he used it to build a "Big Daddy" style steampunk gun. Read More >>


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