star wars
If You're Going To Make a Crappy Star Wars Tie-in, At Least Do It Right

Nestle Japan will be releasing a limited edition Star Wars version of its Gold Blend coffee maker next week. But it has to be one of the laziest tie-ins ever to cash in on the Star Wars name. Available in two versions, it looks like Nestle's just slapped a sticker on the side of each one with a random quote and called it a day. Read More >>

Meet Nestle's Squadron of Internet Comment Warriors

Every company has to deal with people who talk about it on the Internet, and different ones handle it differently. Nestle for instance, maintains an elite team of Digital Accelerators that, as an article by Reuters reveals, watches the wide world of Internet comments like a hawk. Read More >>

Nestle Is Playing Real-Life Willy Wonka

Goodbye America! I'm moving to the UK, where I will eat my weight in chocolate. Coincidentally, Nestle's just kicked off a campaign where it's embedding GPS trackers in chocolate bars. If you unwrap one of six winning sweets, they'll find you within 24 hours and award you £10,000 and the rights to legally change your name to Charlie Bucket. Read More >>


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