Breaking Bad Superfan? Better Call Netflix

Netflix has announced a plan to try to replicate the success it enjoyed by bunging us the latest episodes of Breaking Bad in a timely fashion, with 2014 spin-off series Better Call Saul also set to hit the streaming service. Read More >>

Bittorrent Traffic Drops 20 Per Cent in Six Months -- Is Hoarding Media on the Way Out?

The US has seen its Bittorrent traffic levels plummet by 20 per cent over the last six months, leaving the favourite distribution method of the film and music pirate absorbing just seven per cent of America's broadband capacity. Read More >>

Netflix Has a Slick New Interface For Its TV Apps

While all of the content on Netflix is provided equally, the look of its player can vary pretty substantially between devices, making it a pain to find things. Now, the company has unified its interface across the majority of its apps. Read More >>

First Wave of UK Xbox One Apps Revealed Alongside Rewards for Watching TV

While we may not be initially getting the full-suite of TV viewing features that our pals over the pond will be able to play with on the Xbox One, Microsoft has still secured a number of TV streaming apps for UK gamers to mess about with come the November 22nd launch. And you may even get rewards for your couch-potato behaviour. Read More >>

Netflix Bags Exclusive Rights to New Marvel Comics Daredevil and Luke Cage TV Shows

Netflix has scored quite a coup over its Amazon/Lovefilm and HBO Go TV streaming rivals, bagging the exclusive rights to a host of brand new shows based on Marvel comics superheroes. Daredevil -- sans Batfleck -- will return and finally, finally, Luke Cage is getting some live action love! Read More >>

Netflix Is Doing Streaming Tests With 4K Video

Everything from ads to porn is getting the 4K treatment lately, and now Netflix is experimenting with it too. This week the company posted six 4K videos at various frames per second rates to test their streaming performance. They're all standard Netflix stock footage called "El Fuente." Read More >>

Netflix is Thinking of Making Original Movies Now, Too

Netflix is no stranger to making original TV anymore, but it seems it has bigger plans than that: it's floating the idea that it'll foot the bill for a “big” movie, which would appear in theaters and on Netflix at the same time. Read More >>

Netflix to "Experiment" With DVD-Style Streaming Extras

DVD and Blu-ray extras -- arguably the last thing keeping us from ditching our physical disc-based movie libraries and giving our eyes over completely to streaming services. But with Netflix now announcing it is experimenting with DVD-extra style content tied to titles on its service, discs could truly be going the way of the dodo. Read More >>

Netflix Super HD Streams Launch Just in Time for Breaking Bad Finale

Can't wait to find out what the (inevitably gruesome) conclusion to Breaking Bad is going to be this Sunday night? If you're a Netflix subscriber, you'll now be able to enjoy all the drug-fuelled bloodshed in pin-sharp high definition, with the streaming service announcing the global roll-out of "Super HD" streams. And that includes to UK viewers too. Read More >>

Netflix is Screening Twitter for Breaking Bad Spoilers on Your Behalf

Netflix has launched a Twitter filter it calls the Spoiler Foiler, a site designed to redact all references to Breaking Bad ahead of its grand finale. If your viewing of the cult crime show is lagging and you're not part of the Sunday night illegal live stream crowd or the Monday torrenting/Netflix army, it might help. Read More >>

Netflix Monitors Torrent Sites as a Guide to What TV's Popular With the Youth

Forget ratings figures and boozy lunches with TV industry executives, streaming specialist Netflix gives some weight to internet piracy rankings when it comes to deciding what titles to acquire and offer up. Read More >>

Netflix Checks With Pirates to Decide Which Shows to Buy

The hardest part of beating piracy is finding a way to compete with free. Netflix does it by making things dumb easy, that and purposefully picking up shows that are popular with pirates.
After the recent rollout of Netflix Netherlands, the company's Vice President of Content Acquisition in Europe, Kelly Merryman sat down for an interview with Tweakers where she said explained the trick: "With the purchase of series, we look at what does well on piracy sites." Not a bad idea. Read More >>

Netflix Streams Coming to Virgin Media TiVo Boxes

Two of our media titans are set to collide, with old world cable TV and ISP network Virgin Media set to start carrying content from new media streaming darling Netflix. Read More >>

Netflix Finally Adds a 'Saved For Later' Playlist

Something that our American cousins have had for ages, but Netflix decided that us Brits didn't want for some reason, has finally come to the UK. Netflix has launched "My List", which is essentially just a queue of shows or movies you've saved for later. Still, that's a lot better than nothing. It should roll out to everyone in the next two weeks. [Netflix] Read More >>

Apple Fans Furious Over Breaking Bad Series Split Making Bittorrent Still the Favourite Viewing Platform

The final series of cult US show Breaking Bad was split into two parts for some reason, with the two-part approach causing angst among Apple users who thought they'd bought a season pass to watch the whole thing. Now they're being asked to pay again for the second bunch of episodes. Read More >>

The Algorithm That Tells Netflix Which Movies You Really Want to Watch

Using metadata, Netflix analysts are able to find all sorts of similarities between movies and shows, such as year made, director, genre, rating, etc. But how that metadata comes into existence is the truly fascinating, and apparently painstaking, part. As Xavier Amatriain, Netflix's engineering director, told Wired: Read More >>


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