How Much Better is House of Cards in 4K?

Netflix announced at CES that it would begin shooting original series in ultra high-def 4K, and now British site HDTVtest has caught the first glimpse of the streaming giant's 4K content in the wild. How much more evil does Kevin Spacey look? Read More >>

Google Chromecast UK Review: Eyes Land on the Stream

Better late than never, eh Google? After waiting the best part of a year for the Google Chromecast media streaming dongle to cross the Atlantic, the thumb-sized device is now finally available in UK stores. Has it been worth the wait? Read More >>

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How to Handle Internet Indecision

The internet is full of choices to to pick from, decisions to navigate and options to eliminate. Sometimes deciding between a roast beef sandwich and a pepperoni pizza is an impossible bind. But this is not an isolated dilemma—the question of what to watch, what to eat, and what to click is indicative of an issue that plagues the whole internet. Read More >>

The Netflix vs. Amazon Video vs. Now TV Battlemodo: Which Streaming Service is Best?

Cheap isn't always cheerful -- and in the world of streaming video, that's especially true. Although, on the face of it, there's several different near-identical video streaming services you can plonk a couple of quid down for, not all were created equal. Read More >>

Hear all About the Amazing Cinematography of House of Cards

Been watching season two of House of Cards? The answer is yes. So you know how beautiful the cinematography is. In an interview with Go Creative, Igor Martinovic, the show's cinematographer tells how he crafted the show's unique visual style. Read More >>

Netflix Engineers Tease a Sleep-Tracking, iBeacon Video Sharing Future

Netflix's streaming offering is already technologically the best on offer in the UK, thanks to its adaptive video quality feature, well-designed apps and cross-device bookmarking. And things could get even better, if the latest prototypes from the company's internal Hack Day make it to the service. Read More >>

Netflix, Beware: LoveFilm Instant Becomes Amazon Prime Instant Video in the UK

If you like your movie streaming services with added one-day delivery and ebook borrowing options, you're in luck. Amazon has announced that LoveFilm Instant is to be combined with Amazon Prime from February 26th, becoming Prime Instant Video, Britain's "largest subscription streaming service". Read More >>

How Netflix Braces for the House of Cards Binge

Marketplace's Queena Kim was in Netflix's 'war room' at the very moment season two of House of Cards went live, getting a peek at how Netflix achieves dropping an entire season of phenomenal television into our addled, impatient laps. It's a massive operation, yet they did it again without a hitch. Read More >>

Forget 4K: The Future of TV is "Wide Field of View" According to Netflix

As 3D TVs continue on their slow march to the bargain bin, all AV enthusiasts' eyes turn to the promise of ultra-high definition 4K screens. But for movie streaming dominators Netflix, 4K may already be yesterday's news. Read More >>

Netflix Plans to Have a Three-Tiered Pricing Structure

Netflix is gearing up to overhaul its pricing structure. According to a shareholder letter and interviews with Gigaom, the streaming site will introduce a new three-tiered system for its customers. Read More >>

All of Netflix's Original Content Will be Shot in 4K From Now On

Netflix seems to be really leading the charge on this 4K thing. CEO Reed Hastings just took the stage at Sony's CES presser and said that all of its future original content will be shot in ultra high-def. That's a whole lotta pixels. Read More >>

Netflix Will Stream House of Cards on LG TVs in 4K

You can get your House of Cards fix on LG TVs in 4K soon, LG and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced at a CES press conference this morning. Not sure how fast that will eat up your data cap, but since the show was filmed in 4K, it might as well stream in 4K. Read More >>

Netflix Has a Whopping 76,897 Ways to Describe Movies

So it's a lazy day and you just wanna watch a movie on Netflix. But what kind of movie? Perhaps a "visually striking Latin American comedy?" Maybe a "critically-acclaimed emotional underdog movie?" Suddenly, you're locked in option paralysis, and as The Atlantic figured out the hard way, you've got a ridiculous 76,897 unique genres to blame. Read More >>

Cheaper Netflix Subscription Options are in Testing

Prefer your movie streaming in standard definition rather than HD, and find yourself bewildered by the possibilities of streaming TV shows to more than one device at once? Then a new, "entry-level" Netflix subscription option could be just what you need to lapse back into Christmas boxset binge-viewing habits. Read More >>

Who the Heck Makes the Fireplace Videos on Netflix?

If you're hosting a Christmas-themed gathering of some kind this year, there's a chance you're going to play Netflix's "Fireplace For Your Home" on your television in the background. Why will you do this? It's hopelessly tacky. And yet, it will feel totally right; a bit like eating fruitcake and decorating with tinsel. But who the hell makes these videos in the first place? Read More >>

Breaking Bad Superfan? Better Call Netflix

Netflix has announced a plan to try to replicate the success it enjoyed by bunging us the latest episodes of Breaking Bad in a timely fashion, with 2014 spin-off series Better Call Saul also set to hit the streaming service. Read More >>


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