Scientists Cured Paralysis in Mice with Stem Cells and Lasers

This is wild. Chasing the elusive dream of curing paralysis, a team of scientists used stem cells and optogenetics to circumvent the central motor system of lab mice whose nerves had been cut. This enabled them to blast individual motor neurons with a laser, triggering movement in the legs of the mice. Read More >>

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The First Detailed Map of a Mammal's Neural Network

If this looks like an incredibly complex wiring diagram to you, it's because it is essentially that: you're looking at the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas, the first detailed map of any mammal's neural network. Read More >>

Scientists Can Reconstruct Faces by Reading Your Mind

Fantasising about an old flame? Lusting over a celebrity instead of your current squeeze? Watch out: scientists can reconstruct the faces you're thinking about from a brain scan alone. Read More >>

Your Brain Forgets Stuff Carefully and on Purpose

While you might sometimes find it annoying that you can't remember faces, names and details, forgetting is an important part of the brain if we're not to become cognitively overwhelmed. And, it turns out, the brain takes a very controlled approach to how it goes about it. Read More >>

Inside the Teenage Brain

The teenage brain can be a very strange place indeed—for the owner and anyone around it. This video peers inside the adolescent skull to explain exactly why that's the case. Read More >>

The Science of How Flappy Bird Gets You Hooked

Long live Flappy Bird, the game we loved to hate. But why oh why was that simple little game so awfully compelling? Read More >>

This Simple App Can Train Your Brain to Have 20/7.5 Vision

Everybody wishes they had super powers. The big problem with that shared ambition, however, is that super powers do not exist. Not unless you count superhuman vision. That does exist, and a new app promises to help you attain it. Read More >>

Emoticons are Reshaping Our Brains: We Now Process :-) as a Human Face

When we first broached the Great Smiley Debate a few weeks ago, the question was whether or not a dash-as-nose was appropriate, necessary, or a bastardisation of the simple purity of two dots paired with a gentle curve. But a new, equally contentious controversy has emerged: should the parenthesis open towards the left or the right? Read More >>

Why You Should Never Listen to Ride of the Valkyries While Driving

Time is a slippery continuum. Watching the hands on a clock tick will feel way, way different depending on the situation; trying to frantically write something on deadline with five minutes to spare ain't the same as desperately willing a conference call to finish more quickly. It turns out that music can have an equally brain-bending effect on how we process the days of our lives. Read More >>

Insect Nervous System Copied to Boost Computing Power

Brains are the most powerful computers known. Now microchips built to mimic insects' nervous systems have been shown to successfully tackle technical computing problems like object recognition and data mining, researchers say. Read More >>

Welcome to the Age of the Bionic Superbug

Like a silent bionic army, the era of the cyborg has crept upon us. Or so a group of reviewers said recently when they evaluated where the science of cyborgs has led. Read More >>

How Science is Helping Us Understand Paedophilia

There is no good or pleasant way to broach the subject of paedophilia. But while we find the subject abhorrent, scientists are working hard to try and understand what happens in the minds of those who are attracted to children. Read More >>

Blasting the Brain with Ultrasounds Enhances Sensory Abilities

In an experiment straight out of a comic book, Virginia Tech scientists have found a way to improve sensory abilities. All it takes is a detailed map of the brain, an ultrasound gun, and a willing patient. What could go wrong? Read More >>

Two Espressos Enhance Your Long-Term Memory

Many of us would he hard-pressed to function without our morning coffee, but now there's compelling evidence that it could help enhance your long-term memory. Read More >>

A Step-by-Step Breakdown of an Awake Brain Tumour Removal Surgery

We the Kings bassist and YouTube celebrity Charles Trippy recently uploaded to YouTube a video of his brain surgery. This is an amazingly powerful thing to watch and I recommend taking the time to do so if you have any interest in the brain and/or medicine that you watch it. Read More >>

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Turn Off Hunger

Recently, scientists have been coming up with more and more, er, creative ways of combatting the potentially fatal effects of obesity. Soon though, people with overeating disorders might have a single solution that stops the problem at the root. We could just turn off part of their brain. Read More >>


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