First-Ever Wireless Data Transmission Using Neutrinos Works a Treat

If you're a physicist, conventional Wi-Fi is boring. Or at least it is for a group of University of Rochester researchers, who have decided that the future of digital communication instead lies in exotic particles called neutrinos. Read More >>

The Nerdier Version of Peeing in the Snow

Leave it to a bunch of geniuses to waste a good opportunity. Remember how Samuel Morse famously asked, "What hath God wrought?" with the first telegram? Well this week, a group of scientists at the University of Rochester sent the first-ever message using a beam of neutrinos, and spelled out: "neutrinos." Read More >>

Loose Cable Caused the Magic Faster-Than-Light Particles

We know that Einstein always has the last laugh, but this is hilarious: the faster-than-light particles that could have wrecked his relativity theory are no more. It was a mistake in the test results caused by a loose cable. Read More >>

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Neutrinos -- In Less Than Two Minutes

Goddamn. How can you not love Minute Physics? This week, Henry Reich explains a family of particles that are the talk of the physics world: neutrinos! Read More >>

Neutrino Light Speed Tests Flawed, Says Science Team

A group of Italian scientists have questioned those faster-than-light neutrino test results, claiming that anything moving that fast should lose energy -- but that's not what the original tests showed. Read More >>

Neutrinos Still Faster Than Light Even After Corrections

Ok, now this is getting a little nuts. After being debunked, corrected and retested, it seems as if those pesky neutrinos are still breaking the speed of light. Read More >>


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