Find Inner Peace in Your Own Private Meditation Cavern

Yoga studios are nice, but what about the pretentious people and their greasy mats—not to mention all the see-through pants and all the farts? What you really need is your own private meditation cavern in the New Mexico desert. In fact, maybe you need two! Read More >>

Curiosity Took an Earth Rock to Mars

In the 60s and 70s, America spent £67 billion on getting rocks from the Moon back to Earth*. In 2012, America spent a couple of billions on moving an Earth's rock to Mars**. Moving rocks is a lot of fun! Read More >>

Welcome to the New New Mexico Ghost Town -- Population: Zero

Across the pond in America, over £620 million is being pumped into a new town complete with all sorts of different roads, houses and commercial properties, but the catch is that nobody is home. Read More >>

Virgin Galactic's Gateway to Space Is Now Open For Business

Sir Richard Branson has officially declared the Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space (previously known as the Spaceport America) is now open for business in the New Mexico desert. Read More >>


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