Mega's Raving Loony Kim Dotcom Launches Political Internet Party

This is the purple and disappointingly serious logo of the Internet Party, the latest idea from file-sharing king Kim Dotcom. And it's not the fun sort of party you might expect from the gregarious man, but a proper political one. He wants power. Power over taxes and immigration and what times the bins are collected. Read More >>

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The Bestest Friends Ever Filled a Guy's Entire Home Plumbing with Beer

Friends don't get better than this. They could always have your back, they could be your groomsmen at your wedding, hell they could even give a kidney to you, and yet, they won't ever beat these guys who pranked their friend by replacing his entire home plumbing system with beer. As in, every faucet would spew out sweet delicious beer instead of water. As in, beers on every tap. It's a dream come true. Read More >>

The FBI Has to Give Kim Dotcom His Hard Drives Back

The High Court of New Zealand just ruled that the FBI has to give slews of Kim Dotcom's digital property back to him. The agency—along with officials in New Zealand—screwed up pretty badly, indeed. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Gets Permission to Sue Kiwi Secret Services

The absolute mess surrounding the prosecution of Kim Dotcom just got a little messier, with courts ruling that the former Megaupload boss can sue local spy agencies for illegally monitoring his communications. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom's Piracy Network Could Help Fund Free New Zealand Broadband

Troubled internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom wants to help install a new undersea cable linking the US and his adopted country of New Zealand, which would be paid for in part by his new piracy venture -- and could eventually subsidise broadband for New Zealanders. Read More >>

Stupid Hobbit Money Now Legal Tender in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand are doing everything they possibly can to cash-in on the publicity the region's about to get thanks to providing the backdrop to Peter Jackson's latest Tolkien production, going so far as minting a range of gold and silver coins starring characters from the series. Read More >>

Megaupload Founder Gets Apology From New Zealand's Prime Minister

You know that evil man who helped facilitate piracy across the globe? He's just earned himself a grovelling apology from the prime minister of New Zealand, over the continued mess that is his prosecution for illegal file sharing. Read More >>

New Zealand Police Blamed for Kim Dotcom Illegal Surveillance Balls-Up

The case of Megaupload's founder Kim Dotcom gets odder by the day, with the latest official documents revealing that the police simply didn't know, or didn't bother checking, if Kim Dotcom was a New Zealand citizen or not. Read More >>

Kiwi Prime Minister Admits That Government Spies Illegally Bugged Kim Dotcom

As more details leak out about the investigation on Kim Dotcom, the more embarrassing it gets for government officials. After thinking Dotcom had a doomsday device, it's now known that government spies illegally bugged Dotcom at the behest of the US government. Read More >>

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This Is What the Special Forces Raid on Kim Dotcom's Mansion Looked Like From the Armed Police Helicopters

The US versus MegaUpload's Kim Dotcom case has been raging for months, but now we can see how it all started. Watch from on-board cameras as the police helicopter swoops in complete with commentary from foot soldiers, armed with assault rifles, shouting out over their radios as it happened. Read More >>

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Watch This Badass Train Smash and Destroy Snow Like a Boss

If you're a YouTube connoisseur, you've probably already seen a train plow through snow before. But that's because a giganto snow plow is attached to the front of the locomotive—those trains were meant to kill and plow snow. This train? It's just a regular train. And it's freaking badass. Read More >>

How Much Is a Jar of Marmite Worth to You? How About £1,800?

Love it or hate it, Marmite is an iconic British staple. Apparently the Kiwis love it too. Unfortunately the factory that produces it in New Zealand had to be shutdown because of an Earthquake, causing the whole country to quickly run dry. Now yeast extract-starved Kiwis are forking out a colossal £1,800 each online. That’s one expensive tub of Marmite. Read More >>

Kim Dotcom Refused an Appeal and Still Denied Bail

Kim Dotcom has been refused an appeal to be freed on bail by a New Zealand court, as its opinion that he is a "flight risk" still hasn't changed. Read More >>

The New Facebook Is Finally Public! ...In New Zealand.

We reviewed Facebook Timeline, the awesomely personal, beautifully designed new profile, in September. September. Facebook said it'd be open to everyone soon after. Clearly, that hasn't happened — but the wait is over! If you live in New Zealand. What? Read More >>


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