How Facebook's New News Feed Was Developed Using... Post-Its

Some times, the good ol' fashioned ways are the best. Seems Facebook would certainly agree: according to a blog post, its new news feed was developed using paper, Post-its, and a large blank wall. Read More >>

Facebook's Most Overlooked Design Change

When you log into Facebook, your eyes shoot up and to the left. That's where Facebook has kept the module with Friend Requests, Messages, and Notifications since 2009, and it's shaped the way you look at the Facebook page. Always the same. Up, and to the left—like a social-media Zapruder film. It's so central to Facebook that it's turned that top left portion of the page into some of the primest real estate on the web. Now it's on the far right. Read More >>

Facebook's New News Feed: The Biggest Change In Years

The last time Zuck overhauled the website you check all day every day, was two years ago. Two! You've probably changed a decent amount since then, but Facebook hasn't—until today. Here's how you'll be stalking the universe now. Read More >>

Facebook Is Going to Revamp the News Feed By Adding More News Feeds

We knew Facebook was going to overhaul the News Feed this Thursday. Now we may have an idea what that means. According to TechCrunch, Facebook plans to introduce new ways to filter the News Feed. Meaning there'll be a Photos feed for pictures, a Music Feed for what friends are listening to and more. Read More >>

Facebook's Getting a News Feed Overhaul Next Week

As though Graph Search wasn't enough to turn your Facebook world upside down, the company's retooling its news feed again. So what will new new new (new) Facebook have in store? We'll find out next Friday. Read More >>

Facebook Is Cracking Down on Apps That Clog Your Feed So That It Can Clog Your Feed with Other Crap

One of the more annoying things about Facebook is how your News Feed gets clogged and spammed and smacked with stuff you don't care about. Facebook is trying to fix that by limiting what apps can post stuff to your Feed. Read More >>

Facebook Ramping Up Ads to Infiltrate Your News Feed

Just what we all wanted, more Facebook ads! In our news feeds too! It's not like we can say no or anything, we'll just have to accept the new status quo as Facebook look to shake things up again and to impress investors. We can now all look forward to ads slipping into our news feeds, whether or not we're even fans of a page or product. Read More >>

The Guy Who Invented Your Facebook News Feed Just Quit Facebook

The news feed, so ubiquitous that we don't even need to capitalise it, is an internet staple. We stare at it daily—maybe too much—and it's a fundamental part of Facebook. Today, the brain behind the feed is leaving. Read More >>

There's Just No Escape For Your News Feed -- Facebook Offers Rolls Out in the UK

Facebook started rolling out its Groupon-style Facebook Offers in last month, but now it's the UK’s turn to join the cheapo-daily-deals party, and your poor News Feed isn’t going to know what hit it. Read More >>


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