Pathé's 85,000-Video Archive is Now on YouTube

Pathé News was perhaps the most well-regarded news agency of the 1900s—and now, its entire 85,000-video newsreel archive is available to watch free on YouTube. Read More >>

Report: Nike is Giving Up on the FuelBand

Nike has fired the majority of the team responsible for its Fuelband according to a report from CNET, which also claims that the company is jettisoning wearable hardware for good. Based on emails from a source, roughly 55 employees were let go from Nike's Nike's Digital Sport hardware team—which covers industrial design and engineering for wearables. Read More >>

BBC News Presenter Falls into Oblivion in Live Camera Error

BBC Look North presenter Caroline Bilton sank out of sight live on air, as some sort of camera problem made it look as if her chair had fallen down a hole. The error was blamed on a "technical hitch," with co-presenter Leanne Brown doing a great job of not laughing at the bizarre spatial balls-up. [Metro] Read More >>

This is What 400,000 Hours of U.S. International TV News Looks Like

Ever wonder what places get the most attention in American news? The answer is more striking than you might think. This geography of U.S. attention is beautifully illustrated in a new animation that maps the geographic subjects of U.S. television news broadcasts over the span of four-years. It's kinda sparkly. Read More >>

FAT Architect Provocateur Collective Break-Up

Well, this is a bummer. FAT—the UK collective that's built some of the most annoyingly brilliant buildings of the past two decades—is no more. Haven't heard of FAT? Let us explain. Read More >>

Here's Everything That Happened on Twitter in 2013

In 2013, 230 million users sent 500 million tweets every single day on Twitter—but what the hell were they talking about? Read More >>

BBC Presenter Mistakes A4 Paper for iPad, Bravely Continues With Live Bulletin

Poor old BBC News anchor Simon McCoy has made one of the best live TV slips since his supporting role in Schafernaker-gate, by managing to present a bulletin holding a ream of A4 paper in place of his usual iPad. Read More >>

Will Free Codes in The Sun Entice You to the Paywalled Sun Online?

The Sun's about to erect a whopping great paywall around its web site, copying (grown-up) sister title The Times in limiting online access to the things it writes about Katie Price and laughably describes as "news." Will it stop you reading? Did you ever read it? Would you knowingly pay for it? Read More >>

This is What Happens When You Just Don't Pay Enough Attention During Live TV

You're innocently trying to illustrate a massive traffic jam that's built up live on TV when, in your intense concentration to get it just right, you fail to see that you're actually drawing a massive cock, right there on the touchscreen monitor. Ooops. Read More >>

Time to Activate the Guardian's "Always-Off" Royal Baby News Filter

The Guardian's gone a bit edgy and anti-establishment today, unveiling a "Republican" button on its home page that filters out all news about the fortuitous little baby that's about to pop out of that woman in London. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When Technology Fails Live on Air

One poor Australian news anchor was left literally speechless, babbling about various bits of stories, when her autocue failed mid-way through a story. This just goes to show that without that scrolling script telling them what to say, anchors are just like the rest of us, floundering around in front of the live camera. Read More >>

WSJ: Facebook Is Developing a Flipboard-Style News Reader

So long Google Reader, hello... Facebook? The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Zuckerberg and co are working on a service that "displays content from Facebook users and publishers in a new visual format tailored for mobile devices". Read More >>

ios 7
How to Get the Best Features of iOS 7 Right Now

iOS 7 won't be coming to your iPhone and iPad until this fall, but a lot of its best features are available through third-party apps and jailbreak hacks right now. If you want to get in on the action early, here a few ways to add some of the new functionality right now. Read More >>

BBC Home Page Clock to be Pulled After ONE Complaint

Did you know there's a clock on the BBC's home page? Well there is. That's it there in a screenshot. The problem is, it uses your PC's system time to display the time, so if your PC's set wrong so is the BBC's clock. And for that petty reason alone, it's going to be removed. Read More >>

Porn Accidentally Broadcast Live On Greek Evening News (NSFW)

It seems smut gets everywhere, even on the evening news. Legions of Greeks watched in horror as a graphic sex scene played out in the background of a report by the state-owned public broadcaster on the latest unrest across the nation. The news anchor seemed none-the-wiser as to what was happening over his shoulder. Read More >>

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Brand New Evening News Anchor Shows You How Not to Start Your News Report

You're a brand new anchor. You've seen Anchorman; you know how badly things can go. So, what do you do on your evening news debut? Swear at the camera of course. Genius. Read More >>


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