How to Finally Put Newsstand to Good Use as Your Crap App Folder

If you've got an iPhone, then you'll have a junk folder. The place where you store all the Apple apps you can't actually delete, but would never use in a million years like Apple Maps. Unfortunately Newsstand won't fit into that. But wait, you can now actually use Newsstand as your junk folder, no jailbreak required. Here's how. Read More >>

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Updated Kindle iOS App Adds a Newsstand and a PDF Reader

Amazon is trying to sell you magazines on the iPad. The latest update to the Kindle app for iPad now has a newsstand for reading Kindle Fire magazines, a built-in PDF reader, and slickly-designed text book replicas. Read More >>

Here's How to Put the Annoying Newsstand Icon Into a Folder in iOS 5

I like Newsstand but some people don't! And if you're like them, it's pretty annoying how you can't hide the Newsstand away in a Folder in iOS 5. But wait! You can. All you need is some super fast fingers. Here's how. Read More >>

iOS 5's here! But What's In Newsstand For Us Brits?

iOS 5 is here, well, probably, depending on if you managed to update your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch OK last night. With it comes Newsstand, which is the immovable folder thing on your homescreen that's soon to be filled with newspapers and mags. Read More >>

iOS 5's Newsstand Is More Awesome than You Think

The first wave of magazines supporting Apple's Newsstand feature on iOS 5 went live today, which is good news. In theory, Newsstand isn't that big of a deal. But using it, you realise it's something more. Read More >>

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More Details About iOS 5's Newsstand: Opt-in, Automatic Downloads, Free and More

One of the features I'm most looking forward to in iOS 5 is Newsstand, I can't wait to have my news and magazines automagically download to my phone every morning. But what else is there to know about Newsstand? Read More >>


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