This Simple Disc of Metal Helped Change Science Forever

It might not look much, but this small disc of metal helped shape science because it was the primary mirror in Sir Isaac Newton's original reflecting telescope. Read More >>

Did an Inspirational Apple Really Fall on Newton's Head?

In grade school you probably learned Isaac Newton’s apple story around the time you learned that people in Christopher Columbus’ time thought that the world was flat, or that Marie Antoinette told the peasants to eat cake in the absence of their daily bread .
Since literally none of the latter stories here are true (follow the preceding links for full details), you probably have your doubts about whether Newton actually sat under an apple tree and had something of a “eureka” moment concerning gravity. Read More >>

Apple Ignored Qualcomm's Suggestion of Adding a Radio to the Newton

All the way back in the '90s, Qualcomm approached Apple to suggest that it might want to put a radio in its Newton PDA. It could have led to the first ever iPhone two decades early —but instead, Apple told Qualcomm to stick its radio chip somewhere else. Read More >>

The iPad Is Dangerous In Bed

This Taiwanese girl just learned the laws of gravity from her iPad. Not the apps inside the iPad, but the iPad itself. While holding the tablet over her head in bed, she dozed off. That's when decided to deliver his first and second laws directly to her face, in the form of a mouthful of Apple technology. Read More >>


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