Big Media Wins: Newzbin2 Finally Calls It Quits

The Newzbin saga has been raging for over a year now, with big media first managing to sue the original Newzbin out of existence, and then winning a court order to block the revived Newzbin2 off the face of the planet. But now the hackers behind Newzbin2 have thrown in the towel. The original Usenet indexer that brought binaries into the mainstream, is no more. Read More >>

War Against Newzbin2 Continues: Yet Another Forced Blockade Gets Pushed Through

I’m not quite sure how this is still happening given the recent EU rulings deeming the practice of forced blockage illegal, but TalkTalk has now been court ordered to rub Newsbin2 off the map. Read More >>

Landmark Ruling Sees High Court Order BT To Block Newzbin2 In Filesharing Clampdown

The high court has broken ground in the UK, with a first-of-its-kind copyright ruling ordering BT to block Newzbin2 within 14 days. The ruling follows the request of a coalition of Hollywood studios and could set a precedent leading to more filesharing clampdowns. Read More >>


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