Leaked Images Reaffirm Sony's Smartphone Lens Camera Arrival

Sony has been as leaky as a sieve when it comes to its much-rumoured new Smartphone Lens Camera. Now, a full set of leaked press images offer more clarity than ever about what we can expect. Read More >>

Sony A3000: The Cheapest Beginner DSLR Ever (Well, Sorta-DSLR)

Sony's A3000 DLSR is cheap. Super cheap. It costs £370 paired with a 18-55mm kit lens. These days, that's more or less the price of an advanced point-and-shoot camera from Canon, and it's considerably cheaper than Sony's badass RX100 II point-and-shoot. So what gives? Oh and there's a refresh of Sony's mid-range NEX-5 series too. Read More >>

Sony's New Camera is Just a Lens; Your Phone Screen's the Display

Here's something, dare we say it, original. Some images have emerged of a "lens camera" planned by Sony, which sees an image sensor, Wi-Fi and/or NFC connection and SD card slot housed in a standalone lens case, which pops onto the back of another device. Read More >>

Sony NEX-3N Hands-On: The Teeniest Tiniest Interchangeable Lens Camera

The latest of the seemingly endless iterations of Sony NEX interchangeable lens cameras is the NEX-3N. At £400 including kit-lens, Sony is shooting for the lower end with this one — primarily people who are just stepping up from a smartphone or compact point-and-shoot. We got a chance to toy around with the new camera today at the American Museum of Natural History. First impression? Adorable. Read More >>

lightning review
Sony NEX-6 Review: A Sweet Spot in a Sea of Mirrorless Cameras

Sony seems content with rolling out endless variations on its popular line of mirrorless cameras. The final one for 2012, the NEX-6, fills out the pricier end between the NEX-5R and the NEX-7, but can it find a foothold to thrive among so many siblings? Read More >>

Sony to Most People With DSLRs: You Are a Bunch of Imbeciles

Sony is trying to sell their new NEX e-mount camera by telling most DSLR users that they are dumb and stupid and clueless. According to their data, two thirds of all DSLRs users never take their camera out of the full-auto mode. Read More >>

A Viewfinder and Low Price Could Make the Sony NEX-6 the Perfect Compact Compromise

Sony's been grinding on compact, interchangeable-lens cameras: It's got three different lines (NEX 3, 5, 7) going at different price points, and they're all spectacular. The Sony NEX 6 is the latest for everyone who loves using the high-end NEX-7 but hates the price. Read More >>

Sony's NEX-5R Adds Apps (But No Android) to its DSLR-Like Shooter

Sony's much-loved NEX-5 line is getting a boost from, err, apps, with the NEX-5R. Packing a 16.1MP APS-C sensor; super-fast hybrid auto-focus; Wi-Fi, and a diminutive frame, it could be the compact camera of choice for the travelling snapper. Read More >>

A Wi-Fi NEX Camera Would Be Fine and All But Sony Needs to Chill Out

A purported leak reported by Sony Alpha Rumors has outed the latest incarnation of its Sony's mid-range mirroless, interchangeable-lens camera beast, the NEX-5N. Well, it's two cameras really; the Sony NEX-5R and Sony NEX-6 will supposedly be announced in September. Read More >>


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