Apparently the Next-Gen Xbox Will Be Called "Infinity", Or Maybe Not?

So, Microsoft's going to unveil its next Xbox next month. Hopefully we'll actually see a box this time? Anyway, rumour has it that we already know the name of the thing and it's not Xbox 720, or Durango, or NextBox, it'll be called Xbox Infinity. Well, that depends on who you believe, because it could also just be called "Xbox". Read More >>

Microsoft's New Xbox May be Accompanied by "X-Surface" Gaming Tablet (Updated)

Two rather large new rumours have popped out concerning Microsoft's next-gen home console. The first concerns the machine's name, which is apparently going to be just "Xbox" -- akin to Apple's "new iPad" naming move. The other rumour is significantly more bonkers, suggesting a standalone gaming tablet known as X-Surface will accompany the home console. Read More >>


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