Sony SmartBand SWR10 Adds Lifelogging to the Fitness Field

Ready to take on the Fitbit Force and Nike FuelBand, Sony’s pairing up its latest range of Xperia devices with a customisable, modular fitness band. Read More >>

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Nokia's NFC Tag Could Mean You Never Lose Your Keys Again

Forgetful types rejoice: Nokia has just announced a new Treasure Tag, which uses Bluetooth and NFC to try and help you keep track of your possessions. Read More >>

This NFC-Powered Bonus E-Ink Display for Your Phone Needs No Batteries

No matter what you're doing at a computer, two displays are always better than one, and that could soon be true for your mobile devices as well. Prototypes of dual-display smartphones have already been demonstrated, but researchers have now revealed a wireless second display for your mobile devices that magically sucks the minimal power it requires from a wireless NFC connection. Read More >>

The iPhone and iPad Might Get NFC After All

Apple's long said it's not interested in NFC, rolling out basic on-screen QR code stuff like PassBook instead. But a recent patent filing, for the ability to "gift" people things by bonking phones, shows Apple is actually looking at NFC. Does that mean the iPhone 5S and 5C will come packing the contactless tech? I hope so, because that'll be a very good thing for us all, regardless of who makes your phone. Read More >>

PayPal's Face-Cheque Payment System Now Live in the UK

A small test of PayPal's facial recognition payment system is now live over here, with users able to pay for purchases via a phone app that matches their face with a photo beamed to the shop's cashier. Read More >>

Sol Republic's New Bluetooth Speaker Is a Portable Party Machine

Motorola is teaming up with fashion forward headphone purveyor Sol Republic on a co-branded Bluetooth speaker. The Deck is weird looking little thing, but it's got a few features that make it stand out from the otherwise saturated cheap wireless speaker market.
Unlike most £170 Bluetooth speakers, this isn't a little box with front facing drivers. Instead the drivers point up,  meaning you can circulate around the Deck and hear the music the same everywhere. Smart if more than one person is going to listen to it, which is likely should you decided to haul it it to the park with you (It is summer after all!). The speakers also have a nifty little trick in that they also lie flat so you can stick it in your back pocket. Read More >>

Rumour: Nokia to Launch a Bluetooth Tag to Keep Track of Your Stuff

The Verge is reporting that Nokia is planning to launch a new proximity sensor to tie in with its Lumia range, which will combine NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 to track items from your phone. You may never lose your keys again. Read More >>

Would FREE ALCOHOL Tempt You Into Bothering With NFC?

Black booze maker Guinness is having a go at encouraging people to use NFC in pubs, with a competition now live that lets drinkers win a free pint just for swiping a pub's beer tap with their mobile. Read More >>

This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

Have you ever wanted to wave your hand to unlock a door or transfer your contact information by simply touching a phone? How about keeping all of your top secret passwords at arm's length, literally? Well, with this Kickstarter-funded near field communication-enabled ring, all that could soon be possible. Read More >>

In the Shop of the Future, Buying Milk Will Be Effortless Yet Totally Creepy

Walk down pretty much any one of Britain’s High Streets, and the boarded-up shops paint their own bleak picture of an industry in recession. Managers will tell you how there’s no money left in bricks-and-mortar anymore; this is one business model well and truly disrupted. But Silicon Valley hasn’t destroyed physical retail; it’s just changing it beyond all recognition. Read More >>

Is the Home Office's Android NFC Passport Reader App an ID Thief's Wet Dream?

First of all, did you know there's an NFC chip in passports these days? Wow. That's clever. I should get out more and to the types of places you can't get to by waving a library card at security staff. Secondly, the Home Office has released an Android app you can use to read the data stored within your passport's NFC chip, but there's one peculiar catch... Read More >>

NFC Use DOWN as Confusion Over Apps, Phones and Systems Puts Everyone Off

The NFC dream would appear to be in tatters at the moment, as data shows that our use of the niche wireless payment system has plummeted by around 40 per cent in terms of transaction value over the last year. We literally can't be bothered working it all out. Read More >>

Shave Minutes Off Your Supermarket Checkout Times With PayPal Check-In

PayPal's location-based payment system is set to launch in the UK this summer, letting those not angrily boycotting the company pay for their stuff without need for cash, cards, chips, PINs, NFC or even a cheque. It'll just work. Read More >>

Tesco: NFC is "Past Its Sell-By Date"

Bad news for those who'd like to see NFC phone payments like Google Wallet actually take off in the UK. The Tesco retail juggernaut has basically said it's a load of crap, and that it's already out of date. It's just not "cool" enough, apparently. Read More >>

Hooray! Another New Kind of Mobile Payment System has Launched!

Yes! Awesome news! There's now yet another new way to utterly bewilder the poor old lady in the newsagent by waving your telephone at her instead of handing over some money, thanks to Trinity Mirror going it alone and launching a bespoke mobile app that lets you pay for its newspapers using your mobile. Read More >>

"Pay By Text" the Next Big Thing in UK Mobile Money Management

Forget the masses of differing complicated NFC virtual wallets that no one seems to want to use, there's about to be an exciting new modern payment method in town -- the humble SMS message. Read More >>


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